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After being saved by God, Gavi Omar announces ‘Rebirth’ to inspire millions

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at July 27, 2017


Rising London based Hip Hop Artist, Gavi Omar has announced the release of his new music video titled ‘Rebirth’. It is the first song of his Rebirth Project that will reintroduce the sensational artist to the international music industry.

Gavi is also known by many as the ‘Hip Hop Head’ who grew up on rap songs that were older than himself

“I gravitated towards street underground rap and at the age of six, I was already break dancing, doing the moon walk at birthday shows and much more.” Said Gavi Omar while talking about his early life and passion for music.

“I was such a shy kid yet so fun and energetic; I love hip hop, every aspect of it.” he added. Gavi was formally known as Kevin Millions and he used to rap about basic things most rappers of this generation do, drugs, money, etc., till he got baptized.

The rebirth of Gavi changed his life and the path of his career and according to the artist himself, he was literally saved by God. Due to this transformation, he rebranded himself and named his latest project ‘Rebirth’. This new project is aimed at inspiring others and bringing the ones stuck in darkness to the light.

“Rebirth is designed to inspire real people, people that feel, people that aren’t too superficial, people that see beyond what their eyes see, spiritual people I would say.” Said Gavi while explaining his new project. “It is aimed to raise awareness of spiritual warfare, people that going through mental illness, sleepless nights, cold sweats, heartbroken individuals, yet has a very melodic and good vibes to it, because after all, Life is good.” He added. Rebirth will be available on major music outlets online including SoundCloud.

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