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Afrobeat act Hasheesh announces presence with new set of photos & upcoming project with B4Bonah

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at December 8, 2018


Growing up with two big brothers who were into music and even producing, he fell in love with the basics which later advanced into passion. Born Issaka Anaafi but prefers to be called Hasheesh is a gifted afrobeats & afropop artist who had his primary education at Seven Great Princes (JHS), continued at St. Thomas Acqainas and finally Central University where he studied human resource management.

Naturally, Hasheesh loves music however the effort he used to effectively harness his songwriting ability, singing and composing came from the purpose that is inside him. From the very moment his two big brothers bridged the gap for him without knowing how big things will turn up, the rest became history.

Music from the very beginning was a hard nut for him to crack looking at our cultural values and tribe ethics plus how strict our African parents are. He feels towing the music path is his calling; on the other hand his parents were his greatest challenge. Secondly, Ghanaians refuse to accept an upcoming artist which is very frustrating sometimes. Nonetheless, he sees these challenges as stepping stone instead of hindrance.

Professionally, he’s been doing music for the past 5 years with 5 songs officially out. He’s currently working with MIMLIFE’s in-house producer Zodiac and PAQ. Nevertheless, it’s his hope and aim to with every producer since each person got his own style of programming sound.

Learning new things has always been his motivation. Whereas humanity, nature and realities of life inspire the content of his songs depending on the mood he finds himself. Over the years he has gathered much knowledge about things he values most in life; he learnt where they come from and what goes into them. Finally, at all point along the journey in life, he places value, effort, time and dedication to what he believes to be his calling. Therefore he is aiming to be best known in the world of music for his style, dexterity, lyrics, storyline, sound exploration and everything that comes with it.

Ali, Luther, B4Bonah, Gariba and Teephlow are few acts he has collaborated with. It’s attention-grabbing to note that, whenever he looks into the mirror, the image it reflects back “STAR” is his role model or mentor.

Talking of fear, Hasheesh’s ultimate fear is to look back and regret not having done things he was afraid to do. Having that in mind, he has developed a mechanism to help him break off the fear of illusion by means fighting his fear with passion for music. Moment after moment, success is built. A little success a little discipline and purpose of action, then simply repeat the process is his new world order.

Hasheesh devoted to be widely known for his artistry exclusively the 2 genres he’s specialized in; afrobeats and afropop. He also aspires to sell our rich authentic Ghana music to the outside world to make a positive impact.

He has a new project in the pipeline with B4Bonah titled #Anaju produced by Zodiac. He is yet to achieve wider and mainstream success for he’s an element of astonishment.

Social Media handles;

Facebook: HvsheeshMusic.

Twitter: Hvsheesh.

Instagram: Hvsheesh001.


Written by; John Claude Tamakloe.

Source: Beenie Words

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