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Afrobeast And Dancegod Lloyd On Fire ( Eheati )

Follow @eventlabgh < The release of song Corner Der a single from the ‘Akwantuo’ Album was a hit. Thousands of...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 21, 2021


The release of song Corner Der a single from the AkwantuoAlbum was a hit. Thousands of people all around the world jumped on the Corner Der challenge. It was a big wave in Ghana and the diaspora.

We certainly cant let the heat die.

We are dropping the next song of the Akwantuo album titled EHEATI”

EHEATI is a song to express the heat and fire that our dance and music comes with. You can never miss the back to back energy, passion and literal heat that we come with.

Dwp Academy, Dancegod lloyd and Afrobeast have been on fire for the longest time. From BBC World news feature, CNN, New York Times to Teens Vogue magazine to Beyoncé’s Black is King album etc .

The song EHEATI has indeed gone through fire to become fire. It has been revised several times over a period of 2 years. The song was produced by 3nity and co-produced by Dope Nation. This hit song was written and sang by

Dancegod Lloyd and Afrobeast.

Its time to get your room heated, your car heated, your food heated and even your life heated. Pre-save EHEATI on all music digital platforms

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