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About SM “Triple Threat” Millitants, Addi Self, Joint 77 & Captan

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at February 15, 2018


Readers have been asking how the ‘Mililant Family’ consisting of Addi Self, Joint 77 and Captan came together as a group and what went into their signage onto Shatta Movement. I took a keen interest and buck for in knowing how it all started for the trio and other matters.

Samudeen Jafara Mohammed better known as Addi Self exclusively told all the necessary details about ‘Militant Family’ and how they got onto Shatta Movement. Though he didn’t say how long they were signed onto the label, details of the contract, etc, he made mention that they came together as ‘Militant Family’ under the leadership of Zylofon Media’s newly signed act, Shatta wale right after they got signed onto Shatta Movement. They got signed because the leader of SM realized how ready and focused they are as artists, who are committed to work hard to be able to sail through and beyond the shores of Ghana.

They individually set their sights on a worthy, meaningful goals, and pesisted. Through each person’s effort and pesistence, they attracted the attention of the SM boss. Aside from the arresting qualities they possess, they also have something in common with the ‘dancehall king’: musical talents, positive mindset and their vision absolutely carry weight. Captan is also known as Abdul Kadir Captan whereas Joint 77 is known as Melvin Pempeh. Considering how long they have known Charles Nii Armah Mensah, Joint 77 has known him for about 15 years whereas Addi and Captan have known him for 5 years.

The best part of the interview was, he confessed that working with Shatta wale was everything because working with him has exposed them to how important it is to be focused, creative, business minded, positive, Godly and most of ti all, loyal. Shatta is a great teacher, brother and leader, he added.

On his clarification on whether music pays off, he made a remarkable statement about his boss, thus “yes music pays off big time!!! Through Shatta Wale, we see how big music pays off.”  He affirmed that the industry  needs support! Shatta Wale has the map. Fans should expect the best of music and videos from the ‘Militant Family’, they are taking Ghana music to the next level. They should also look out for a nationwide and world tour from the trio.

Source: Beenie Words

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