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Abeiku Santana, a real true model in Showbiz — Elliot Borketey writes

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at December 6, 2021


Some may think we do not have the best to pride ourselves with, especially with respect to job sustainability and career path.


Perhaps this assertion may be true to some extent, due to situations whereby many might have lost their jobs or careers in this walk of life.


Most people travel outside the country to seek the best of job prospects, whereas others tend to change their careers.

Every career path needs a model, one with an empirical idea to motivate, inspire, and impact lives.

In Ghana, many people have lived to prove this assertion, but Abeiku Agrrey Santana in the media space is simply one who deserves great commendation.

Before the upsurge of local radio stations, the likes of Abeiku Santana , Dr’ Duncan, Fiifi Pratt, Bortier Lalo Micky Osei Beiku, Kwami Sefa Kayi and some others were already making waves within the metropolis.


Way back at Adom 106.3 FM, Abeiku Santana was then named the man of the moment.

“Efie Kwanso”, a program similar to “drive time”, used to be full of fun and intrigue, with Abeiku Santa as the host.

The heights attained by great men is indeed not by sudden flight; the dude has lived to prove this maxim, having chucked many successes in the world of radio and television.


Words can’t describe this persona, but we pray for more passionate workers of his kind, one to inspire, another to contribute a great quota for mother Ghana.


Salute Abeiku Santana !

Best of the week folks!

(Source: Elliot Borketey)

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