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9 Things Every Woman Needs For Date Night

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at September 24, 2021


Date nights are a necessity for a healthy relationship. With the everyday routine of work, sometimes you need to relax and unwind. And that’s what date nights are for!

Here are some 234Star essentials to make sure your date goes smoothly.

The Perfect Outfit

Every woman wants to look good and also feel good on date night. Depending on the location of your outing, try to dress in fitting clothes. If your date is on the beach, loose-fitting pants or shorts with a crop top would be a suitable choice. If you’re going to a restaurant, a dinner gown that flatters your figure is the way to go.

Having date night options in your closet should be easy, but make sure you have that one piece for a special evening.

A Comfortable Footwear

Have you ever gotten cramps in your foot from too-tight shoes? It is not an experience you want to have while on a date. Opt for block heels or low heels that you’ll be able to wear all night long while you walk around town, a food festival or to a concert.

The perfect height? 3 inches! High enough to add length to your figure, low enough to keep you steady as you walk.

The Right Makeup.

Whether you’re going full-on glam or opting for a softer, casual look, make sure it’s a look you are comfortable with. If you’re trying to make a great first impression, add a little shine to your routine with some glitter on your inner eye. And when in doubt, nude lipstick is the way to go.

Putting your best face forward will make you feel more confident and enjoy your time out!

A Stylish Purse (For The Important Things)

A small stylish purse or clutch is the way to go, so you have all your essentials without hurting your shoulders. Never leave home without your ALAT debit card, so you don’t have to worry about money. Lipstick, hand sanitizers, tissues and a sanitary pad are a must, so you have no surprises.

The Right Companion

The perfect date night isn’t complete without the right person. Be it with your partner or friends, make sure you’re going out with someone you can relax with. Choose a menu you like and pair it with your favourite drink. In a world that seems to be so negative, cherish all of the happy moments.

A Safety Partner

Let someone else know where you’re going, especially if it’s a date with someone for the first time. Always have a contact that knows where and who you’re going with, just in case of emergency.

You’ll have a more restful outing knowing that you have someone else checking on you and concerned about your safety.

A Smartphone

It seems like a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised how people often forget in the rush of dressing up. Make sure you have the ALAT banking app for seamless transactions during the outing. Take nice pictures to store as memories, but not so many that you upset your date. Use MTN to avoid any network issues throughout the night.

An Open Mind

Be ready to try new things like a new restaurant or a new date activity. Let your fun be the focus, and don’t let anything ruin your night. After all, just being with your loved one should put a smile on your face.

A Pack Of Breath Mints

These are a must-have after dinner. You do not want your breath putting off your date partner or anyone else around you. Plus, if you’re hoping to get some action afterwards, you need to make sure your breath is just right throughout the night.

Now that you have everything you need for your date – have fun and spread love. And don’t forget to write to us if we missed out on anything!

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