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6 Random Beauty Hacks You Should Try Out

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 29, 2018


Looking your best can sometimes come at a cost like spending way too much time getting ready or not getting it right.

So we brought you a few beauty hacks that will completely make your life easier.

1. You’ve been using bobby pins wrong

In order to get a better grip when using a bobby pin for your hair, flip the bobby pin over so the wavy side is against your head. The straight side is slicker and won’t grip as well as the wavy, more textured side.

2. Your nail polish does dry faster in ice water

Fill a bowl with ice and water, and soak your nails for a few minutes after painting them. The cold water will set the paint and help your nails dry faster.

3. There’s a much flattering way to apply concealer

Apply concealer by drawing a triangle with the base under your eye and the point toward your cheek. This shape not only conceals dark circles, but it also instantly creates the illusion that your face is lifted. Think of it as holding a flashlight against your cheek, shining the light right underneath your eye, and drawing the focus upward.

4. Cold green tea bags decrease puffiness under your eyes

The quickest way to de-puffing and tightening your under-eye skin is to apply a cold, caffeine-based product, like two cold green-tea bags, under your eyes for five or six minutes.

5. Hit your eyelash curler with a hair dryer to heat it up, so your lashes curl easier

Blowing hot air on your eyelash curler will help your lashes curl easier and stay curled longer. It works the same way as when your hair holds a curl with a curling iron; heat changes the pattern of your hair. To do it, hit the lash curler with your blow dryer until it heats up, wait until it cools slightly but is still warm and then clamp down on your lashes to curl them.

6. Foundation stains can be fixed with shaving cream

If you take off your shirt and accidentally smudge your makeup on the collar, just wipe a dollop of shaving cream on the spot to pretreat it before tossing it in the wash.

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