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50 Cent demands Lawsuit Money from Teairra Mari

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at February 16, 2019


Last month, the hip-hop mogul won the revenge porn lawsuit filed against him by the “Love & Hip Hop” star. A Los Angeles judge dismissed all claims against the rapper and ordered that Mari pay $30,618 to cover part of 50’s legal bills.

But according to 50, he has yet to receive the money. Taking to Instagram on Friday (Feb. 15), he publicly demanded payment from the singer and showed little sympathy.

“Bitch if you don’t give me my motherfucking Money,” he wrote. “What’s taking you so long? Oh 😳you ain’t got no money.🤔figure it out.”

This is not the first time 50 has called out Teairra on Instagram. Last month, he also demanded his money. “Bitch I’m not gonna tell you again, I want my money now,” he wrote.

In May, Mari sued 50 Cent and her ex-boyfriend, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, accusing them of engaging in a plan to sexually objectify and humiliate her. She claimed Abdul-Ahad logged into her Instagram account and posted a sexually-graphic video and photo with “ejaculate” on her face. After Mari removed the content, 50 reposted the material on his own Instagram page.

50 denied the allegations, claiming that the photo had spread across the internet by the time he posted it. He requested that her lawsuit be thrown out of court.

“Now Teairra you can cough up the money or you can go with R.Kelly and shit in a bucket. LOL,” he wrote following the January ruling.

Teairra is not the only one experiencing 50’s wrath. The G-Unit mogul also clowned Floyd Mayweather over his support for Gucci amid the blackface controversy. He posted a fake letter from Mayweather mocking his public statement and literacy.

Mayweather addressed the controversy in an open letter on Instagram. “The same celebrities stirring the pot over brands that they, without doubt, will continually buy, are the same artists that inject rap lyrics fueled with drugs, murder and sexual promiscuity into the very Black Communities you’re pretending to care so much about,” said the boxing champ.


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