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5 Things You Need To Know About Backyard Fashion Show

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at November 29, 2018


A few weeks ago, Heineken hosted the biggest fashion week of the year and now the international premium beer brand is set to take it a step further by showcasing young and talented designers at the Backyard Fashion Show.

The show is set to feature some of the best underground designers in the fashion scene and many are already having high expectations for the showcase.

As we inch closer to the show this Sunday, here are five (5) things you need to know about the Backyard Fashion Show.

  1. It’s The First Edition

While the Backyard restaurant officially opened its doors back in May 2017, the fashion show will be having its first edition this Sunday.

Hosted at Backyard restaurant, this inaugural edition will bring together some of the very most creative fashion designers in the country.

Heineken’s decision to sponsor this show after the huge success of the Lagos Fashion week shows that the premium brand is not only interested the glitz and glamour of high fashion but also to the underground fashion scene.

Fashion aficionados who missed the opportunity to experience the previous edition and even those who missed out on the Heineken Lagos fashion week will now get the chance to witness some of the new and creative fashion designs by some of the most talented designers in Nigeria.

2. More Than A Fashion Show

On the surface, the Backyard Fashion show will feature models, fashion designers and fashion illustrators strutting their stuff. However, the show represents more than just fashion. Nigeria is brimming with talented individuals across various divides, looking for a platform to showcase their talents and skills. The Backyard Fashion Show provides the perfect platform for young and creative designers to find expression for their art. All of these in front of an audience that is appreciative of their craft.

Not every designer makes it to the Heineken Lagos Fashion Week, Heineken recognizes this and that is why the Backyard Fashion Show is more than just a fashion show, it’s a commitment to Nigeria’s fashion industry.

3. Conceptually Brilliant

Themed shows are offering a much-needed breath of fresh air to the Nigerian nightlife, and while this not a party, it is good to see the organizers decide to make this event a themed one as it adds an extra bit of excitement to the event.

The venue will be decorated to portray a village square as the show is themed “Africanism” and you expect an ambiance to match when Heineken brings the Backyard Show to life.

4. All Round Entertainment

While fashion is the centerpiece of this show, it wouldn’t be a complete show if we didn’t have the very best of music. On the wheels of steel will be some of the best DJs in Nigeria. So get ready to bump your head non-stop as you get treated to the best of Fashion and style.

5. The Heineken Effect

We’re quickly running out of superlatives for Heineken. The brand has had a very impressive year, engaging with audience across various interests. From sports to music, to Fashion. Heineken remains one of the most endearing brands anywhere in the World.

It’s no surprise they are often considered the biggest beer brand in the world. After pulling what has been considered as the biggest fashion event of the year, and an amazing after-party to match, the beer brand is now setting the stage for up and comers in Fashion.  These will include Fashion designers, models, and fashion-preneurs.

However, while this is all very exciting, the biggest and most exciting part of this show may just be that “Heineken” effect. The brand is revered for always providing premium experiences and this will definitely not be an exception.

And yeah, there will be lots of cold beer to drink.

So there you have it, 5 reasons to be super excited for what is set to be a very memorable night!

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