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5 Things We Learned From Linda Ikeji’s Epistle About Her Son’s Father

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 14, 2018


Superstar blogger and media mogul, Linda Ikeji is finally confirming what everyone already knew; which is that Niger-Delta businessman, Sholaye Jeremi is indeed the father of her child.

The first-time mum took to her website to pen a long epistle about her relationship (or lack thereof) with Sholaye and the circumstances surrounding the birth of their child.

We understand that you might not have the patience or time to read the really long piece so we took the time to read and summarise it for you. Below are 6 major points from the article:

  • She met Sholaye 3 years ago while hanging out with her friends at a restaurant in Ikoyi. An off-again, on-again relationship ensued which sometimes saw her drive for two hours to his “three-bedroom flat” in Lekki to spend time with him thinking he was her “last bus stop” but that wasn’t to be. “It was a whirlwind romance,” she wrote. “He was the funniest and most romantic guy I’d met up until that point, so it was easy to fall in love and I truly believed the feeling was mutual. A few weeks after we met, it seemed like we were planning a future together. This man was already calling me Linda Ikeji Jeremi and making all these plans but then just like that, it was over between us.


  • She will never sleep with a married man. Her words: “The married man that I will sleep with has not yet been born. If he’s been born, he will die, be buried, rise and die again before he will lay with me. I don’t do married men. The father of my child is a single man and his name is Sholaye Jeremi.


  • Her pregnancy wasn’t planned. It just happened on one of their on-again periods. And after the first few months, Sholaye became a totally different person treating her with so much hate and aggression, which resulted in both her and her family cutting him off.


  •  There’s no chance of them ever getting back together. They are, in her words, a closed chapter that will never ever open again.


  • Being a single mum wasn’t the plan she had for herself. She always thought she’d have an ideal family like her parents do but it didn’t turn out that way for her mostly because she was scared she was quickly passing the child-bearing age. She however still believes very much in love and hopes to find her Mr. Right someday.


  • She is sorry if any of the young girls who look up to her felt disappointed that she had a child outside wedlock and she hopes they learn from her experience and do better than she did.

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