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5 Things The Real Housewives of Lagos Revealed About One Another In ‘The Land of No Return’ Game

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at April 16, 2022


It’s the second episode of the Real Housewives of Lagos, and we can’t get enough of the luxury, fashion and fun activities the housewives had on display.

The Real Housewives of Lagos

Their mini getaway to Ilashe beach at Snake Island along Badagry Creek screamed luxury. As of 2021, it costs about 450,000 naira to book a villa at the private beach for one night. If that isn’t money speaking, I don’t know what is.

After a series of fun events, the housewives settled down to play a game of ‘The Land of No Return.’ The rules of the game are simple; you whisper a question to somebody on the team, they give you an answer and the person you whisper to gets to pick the person that guesses what question you asked. If they fail to get the question right, they take a shot of alcohol.

Here are five things The Real Housewives of Lagos revealed about one another in the game of ‘The Land Of No Return.’

1. The housewives think Carolyna is the biggest bitch; they do not feel she is evil.

2. Carolyna is likely to marry an older man for money. We all know if the man is not a billionaire, Carolyna would not be interested.

3. Chioma and Toyin Lawani are most likely to become strippers. Carolyna believes Chioma is flexible enough to be a stripper, but Iyabo Ojo says, ‘Tiannah twerks. She would have been a stripper; she missed that calling by an inch.’

4. Chioma thinks Laura is not as smart as she thinks she is. Laura is taking one for the team even if she wasn’t present at the mini getaway.

5. Toyin is likely to walk over with a new friend. Toyin Lawani-Adebayo is a social butterfly, so we are not surprised that this is what the housewives think

Which of these revelations shocked you the most?

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