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5 Things Guys (Shouldn’t) Wear On A First Date And What It Says About Them

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at November 29, 2018


This one is for the guys!

So it only takes about 7 seconds to give the first impression to someone who you are just meeting, and you want to make the best of those 7 seconds especially if it’s with someone you’re trying to get to date you.

It’s important therefore to pay special attention to what you wear on a first date in order not to give the wrong impression.

Below are 5 things you definitely shouldn’t be wearing on a first date and what they say about you.

1.Slogan Tees:

Slogan t-shirts are a no no. You don’t want to come off as goofy or unserious to your date so it’s best to steer off slogan tees that could pass the wrong message.

2. Slippers:

Wearing slippers or sandals on a first date is not appropriate. Wearing this for subsequent dates is not a problem but on the first date, it makes a guy seem like he is nonchalant about his looks.

3. Chains:

When a guy wears one too many gold chains on a first date with a lady he is just meeting, it gives off a certain the kind of gangsterish vibe that is mostly a turnoff.

4. A suit:

This is okay for a dinner date, something official and not casual. If a guy wears a suit for a casual date like a movie date, it shows he is trying too hard to impress.

5. Shorts:

This is too casual to be worn on a first date and if a guy wears this it shows that he is nonchalant about his looks and can’t be bothered if he is meeting someone for the first time.

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