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5 Shows on DStv That Will Keep Your Kids Entertained This Christmas

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 23, 2020


As much as we love them, we can all agree that kids are a handful. Even more so, when you’re stuck at home with them for days on end without the short respite brought about by school hours.

You deserve a break and a couple hours of z’s this Christmas and what better way to achieve that than to keep the kids occupied and entertained. Thankfully, ZooMoo on DStv 314, has a couple of thoroughly entertaining and educative content lined up that are guaranteed to keep the kiddies engaged this Christmas.

Check out a few of them below.

Bob’s Beach – Bob, a cool dog from New York is shipwrecked and stranded on a tropical island. While looking for a way to get out and go home, he finds out he is not exactly alone on the Island. Together with his new friends, the crocodile lady Zaza and the introverted turtle Nel, Bob explores and learns to love the Island.

Albert Says: Nature Knows Best – This series follows the adventures of Albert, a mythical creature who is nature’s ambassador. Albert entertains viewers while teaching them about environmental themes, related concerns, and solutions. The series will undoubtedly captivate children with its high-quality animation, great characters, and thoughtful content.

Gloria’s House – Gloria may have the messiest house in a street full of perfect homes but her house is a lot more fun than any of the other squeaky-clean places in Chillsville. This show has been around for a minute but still gives us belly laughs every single time. The kids will love it!

Jelly Jamm – This show celebrates music, fun and friendship with each episode taking place on the colourful planet Jammbo, where all music originates from. Jelly Jamm follows the adventures of seven characters: Bello, Goomo, Rita, Mina, Ongo, King and Queen, who live in a small neighborhood on the planet. The planet has a music factory where all music in the universe originates from, and this music is produced continuously through bubbles. If this factory stopped, the characters would turn grey and apathetic, lose their memories, and then simply stop moving at all.

Leo The Wildlife Ranger 2 – The kids will have a swell time following Leo and friends as they go on exciting adventures around the world exploring exotic locations and learning fun facts about animals and nature.
All these shows and a lot more are available on ZooMoo DStv 314 this festive season!

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