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5 Reasons Why Pere is a Friend Anyone Would Want to Keep |

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at November 5, 2021


When BBNaija Season 6 premiered, Pere Egbi didn’t cut the image of a housemate that would be the fans’ favourite. But halfway through the game, he got a redemption arc we didn’t see coming.

The 35-year-old nurse served in the US military for six years and has featured in several Nollywood productions. This combination of actor and ex-US army, two very different professions, created the character we loved to hate.

His acting skills with the strategic thinking of an army man helped him advance in the game as a wildcard. As a wildcard, his position in the house wasn’t guaranteed. He would’ve been evicted if the housemates discovered his identity. So Pere brought out his acting chops and set to work.

Until the true identity of the wildcards was revealed, Pere was a delight to watch. Whitemoney’s suspicions about him being a wild card rubbed off wrongly on Pere and this led to a couple of altercations that turned the housemates and audience against him.

How did he go from an underdog and a wildcard to being one of the most loved BBNaija season 6 housemates and a top three finalist?

His Vulnerability

Pere slowly made his way into the other housemates’ good books when he let his guard down and bonded with them. Maria’s absence made Pere feel like a fish out of water. But he did not hide his vulnerability. The switch was the complete opposite of the macho-general persona he put on during the earlier part of the show.

His Fierce Loyalty

When he won veto power, he wasted no time-saving Saga from possible eviction and replacing him with Saskay. A gesture we were not sure Saga appreciated. He looked out for Saga’s love interest Nini, the night he pulled her away from an inebriated Cross, who has no boundaries. A friend who would watch out for your girl, even in your absence, is considered a real one.

His Unwavering Support

After Saga’s betrayal, people expected Pere to withdraw from him. Others thought he would become hostile towards Saga. But when Nini was presumed missing and Saga was visibly affected by her absence, guess who helped him search for her and lend a supportive shoulder? Pere.

His Quiet Encouragement

When he and Angel were set to battle each other for the top finalist position, we watched Pere give her words of encouragement and even show her how to go about the task at hand.

His Emotional Intelligence

Pere’s ability to put animosity aside and build bridges showed signs of growth and emotional intelligence. He warmed up to Whitemoney, who spoke about them being friends after the show. The friendship between him and Cross during the final week of the show was also a refreshing development.

A friendship with Pere will be one with a supportive, loyal, encouraging, and ride-or-die nature.

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