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5 Reasons ‘The Eve’ Is The Most Beautiful Film So Far In 2018

Follow @eventlabgh < Think about it, you have seen many wedding movies come out of Nollywood in the past few...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at March 19, 2018


Think about it, you have seen many wedding movies come out of Nollywood in the past few years alone.

But, how many bachelors’ eve/wedding eve film have you actually seen?

And we all know the day before is as important as the day itself.

Ah-mean there was the Ale Ariwo classic from over a decade ago but until now, there hasn’t seemed to be a movie with beautiful pictures, amazing music and a delicious blend of melanin.

This is what The Eve brings.

And I could give you more, but here are 5 reasons why this movie is the most beautiful movie so far in 2018. Follow me, would ya?

  1. The music is beautiful.

This is probably the best music score you have gotten from a Nollywood film in a very long time. A rich blend of familiar sound and original music, the music in The Eve, could never give you grieve, best believe.

Nah, seriously.

Maybe Tosin Igho needs to do more sound design and mix work on many more Nollywood projects.

  1. There’s loads of sex. Sexy sex.

A lot of sex is talked about in this movie and a lot of sex is had.

You can also get a journal where you can make note on if you want. And guess what? The best part? Actual hot people – here’s looking at you Mawuli, Hauwa, Uche and co – are the ones having the sex.

Now tell me, don’t you think The Eve’s got you?

  1. Mawuli Gavor removes shirt.

Mawuli Gavor is a man that could never get us used to him removing his shirt. And of course, he serves all that chocolaty goodness on a platter in The Eve, giving not just eye candy but eye cookie, eye ice cream, ice vanilla pudding, eye pounded yam, eye jollof…

Okay, I would stop now, you get it.

  1.   The picture is actually beautiful

There is no need to tell the obvious – that Nollywood has grown incredibly where pictures are concerned in recent times – still, let me tell the obvious; Nollywood has grown immensely in showing good pictures in recent times.

And The Eve is a movie that doesn’t hold back in showing that goodness.

The cinematography is good, the pictures are beautiful and so clear, I considered reaching with my hands to remove Kunle Remi and Mawuli Gavor from the screen a couple of times.

Nah for real. Don’t blame me, it felt like they were really in front of me thanks to the good picture.

  1. There is no unnecessary Lekki/Ikoyi bridge shot

After too many years in the ‘we must shove Lekki/Ikoyi bridge in your face whether you like it or not’ phase in Nollywood, a film that plays with different shots in its cinematography resists the urge to use that overused ‘monument’ in its pictures. After the very first scene, the film concentrates on what it came to do – tell a story, and resisted the urge to be predictable in shots.

Which means, they’re not regular.

If this doesn’t make you extra interested in seeing the film, I really don’t know what will.

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