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5 Must-See Quotes From Toke Makinwa’s Interview On BN Style

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 19, 2018


Toke Makinwa sat down with BN Style to talk about skin lightening and her skincare line, Glow By TM.

The interview sees the media personality and businesswoman touch on everything from what inspired her skin care line, self-love, criticisms, and African’s “hypocrisy” when it comes to skin bleaching.

Below are 5 quotes from the interview.

  • “I’ve been obsessed with skin care products since I can remember. I’m the girl who goes to the grocery store and stops by the beauty department and literally spend close to 40 minutes reading and being obsessed with different things.”


  • “Personally, I don’t think self-betterment equals self-hate. There are a lot of light skinned women who tan all day, looking to get a shade or two darker too. Why don’t we have the same conversations when the case is the reverse. I feel like if you wake up in the morning and your skin is looking dull and you’d like to brighten it, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it as far as it is done safely.”


  • “I’m not one to judge anybody or tell someone on how to live their life as long as they are comfortable in their own skin and I have never been one who looks at a lighter skin as being better than darker skin.”


  • “I feel like people will call out others on using skin lightening products or those who choose to perm their hair (because there is also a #teamnatural debate that exists) but will spend so much time trying to get a particular body shape or size at the gym or diet plans etc. If we are all going to talk about loving ourselves it should not be with restrictions.”


  • “The funny thing is  we are all judged anyway and the judgement mostly comes from people who deep down wish they had the courage to live free. People generally hate you for having the balls to walk on water when all they truly feel is admiration and a tinge of jealousy…”

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