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5 #HappyFacts about Man Talk, Woman Talk – A Stage Play

Follow @eventlabgh < As part of this year’s Ghana Theatre Festival, organized by the National Theatre, Ola Rotimi’s Man Talk...

By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at September 16, 2019


As part of this year’s Ghana Theatre Festival, organized by the National Theatre, Ola Rotimi’s Man Talk Woman Talk shows on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 and here is why you shouldn’t miss it.​


There are perhaps few texts that best exemplify the eternal struggle between men and women over which sex best understands the other and what the relationship between them should be than late Prof. Ola Rotimi’s Man Talk Woman Talk.

As foremost academic and scholar, Rotimi adds a further pep when he decides to intellectualize the argument between man and woman by situating it in a legal content. As is often the case, the arguments and counter-arguments spiral out of hand to produce a sparkling dose of sheer dramatic enjoyment.

Rotimi’s Man Talk Woman Talk is a serious albeit comic, intellectualizing play that puts the actors on their toes in its provocative, energetic performance. There’s no pause or break to scene change. To score a point depends on the logic behind it.

#HappyFact 1 – It’s a comedy.

Though it treats a serious topic like gender equality and understanding gender differences, the play takes a rather light tone. The use of arguably, big words that require deeper understanding but are easily spewed out by the parties in this argument takes the play on a whole other level. The constant interjections between the counsellor and judge who pretend to not be taking sides but actually are make this an amusement company anyone should wish for.

#HappyFact 2 – Tackling Issues, Head On.
Pressing social issues like rape, marriage, sexual independence, bleaching as well as stereotypes with respect to both sides of the gender divide are faced and ironed out fully. At the end of this play, one can only leave feeling satisfied for 2 things; a good laugh and insightful revelations.

#HappyFact 3 – We go modern!
Originally, the play having been written in the 70’s, it has the lingo and the setting of that Nigerian era, but we have taken the time to switch it up to our current. Present day terms and jargons spiced with little doses of Ghanaian languages will be extensively used to churn our twice the amount of humour for the same price!

#HappyFact 4 – It’s affordable!
This production is a typical example of value for money. With GHS 30 as an individual and GHS 50 if you have coupled up, you get to enjoy the all the special elements of this play, refined and presented by Esinam Batali in collaboration with the members of cast. The icing on this cake is that students with ID cards can enter for GHS 20 only and we deliver tickets anywhere in Accra for free!

#HappyFact 5 – We are ready to answer questions!
The ultimate aim of this play is to answer questions. Questions on gender issues that keep rearing their ugly heads. Therefore, at the end of the day, audience will be able to ask questions while the cast, director as well as other esteemed guests will attempt to answer. You are assured of total education and need I reiterate, Value for money.
We really cannot wait to show you what we have been cooking for months! Tickets are available at the National Theatre or you can call 0552566311 if you wish to order. We are on the road to history making, join us

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