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5 Easy To Find Items To protect Yourself As A Woman In Nigeria

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at November 22, 2019


It is no secret that Nigeria is an incredibly unsafe place for women. According to the Human Rights Watch, Nigeria has one of the highest rates of women trafficking in the world, among other things. Women are constantly harassed on a daily basis all over the country, with little hope of justice should these incidents be reported. 

Since there isn’t institutional protection for women and justice for women is given lesser attention, women have to take matters into their own hands and protect themselves. This is far from what is ideal or obtainable in other parts of the world but here we are. 

That’s why we have compiled a list of easy to find items you can use to protect yourself against predatory men. Check it out: 

  • Pepper spray: These come in all kinds of sizes and can come in handy in almost any situation you find yourself. Attackers are going to be sorry for messing with you. What’s you can find it in supermarkets or just order one online. 

  • Pocket knife: This requires some technical expertise because of its capacity to harm or hurt not just your attacker but also you, the potential victim. Still, it can come in hand in a myriad of situations and can even deliver fatal blows, if you know where to stick it in. 

  • Taser: In the US, police actually use tasers to neutralize suspects so you can imagine if your attackers is on the receiving end of your taser shock. That’ll definitely teach them a lesson on equal rights and agency. 

  • Mace: Sometimes mistaken for pepper spray, Mace is actually a tad stronger than pepper spray and is used by officers of the law in dispersing violent crowds or riots. That doesn’t mean you can’t get one though, there are consumer friendly versions that you can get to help you feel safer and ward off predators. 

  • Whistle: It may seem like a stupid choice but you’d be surprised just how effective a whistle can be. Blowing hard on your whistle can scare off your attacker or call other people’s attention to the situation. Don’t just this book by its cover. 

Naturally, these are not exhaustive options but they are a good starting point. Remember to stay safe out on these Buhari streets and always keep your emergency contacts in the loop about your whereabouts. We shall overcome!

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