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4 Things Not To Wear To The Born In Africa Festival

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 12, 2018


It’s exactly four days to the Born in Africa Festival, and we’re super gassed about all the musical performances and fashion show lined up.

The festival which is the closest thing we have to Coachella in these parts, is an opportunity for everyone to play dress up and get creative with your street style but before you get carried away with all the excitement – and we can see how that can happen – we’re here to help you not make the wrong fashion choices at this event.

So below, is a list of outfits that you should definitely NOT wear if you’re planning to turn up and have the most fun at BAFEST.

A suit

This is possibly the wrongest outfit choice for an event such as this one. Not only is it too formal, it is also going to restrict your movement and have you sweating like a christmas goat – and we don’t want any of that now, do we?



Plis dear, save your Agbada for the next owambe you will be invited to. This is neither the place, nor the time to upstage Ebuka. You can’t afford to be wearing all those yards of fabric at BAFEST, you will get uncomfortable – and possibly take up too much space (😄 just kidding, not)

Ball/evening gown

Yeah, we know, we know – you’ve been saving that gorgeous gown for this December and cannot wait to show it off on the ‘Gram. But, patience darling. The event for it will come, we promise. Imagine the frustration if you’re not able to do your best Makossa dance when Awilo Logomba is performing just because you wore the wrong dress. Don’t let that be your story boo.

High heels


Except you are Beyonce, and can comfortably jump, roll on the floor and do a break dance without missing a beat or breaking an ankle, you should steer clear of high heels. Comfort is key!

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