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3 Reasons Nigerian ‘Cool Kids’ Will Love Accelerate TV’s New Show, The Shade Corner.

Follow @eventlabgh < By thestar | February 8, 2017 Accelerate TV recently announced that it will be launching an unrestricted talk show called...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at February 8, 2017


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Accelerate TV recently announced that it will be launching an unrestricted talk show called The Shade Corner featuring five cast members, Akah Nnani, Adebayo Oke-Lawal, Makida Moka, Camille Shaiyen and Noble Ezeala today.

Having been privileged to see snippets, exclusive behind-the-scenes excerpts and trailers, we can boldly describe the show as “unrestricted”, expecting it to cover exciting topics ranging from fashion mistakes, to music misadventures, celebrity misdeeds, urban culture, dirty politics and everything else that millennials passionately talk about in their free time.

Here are 3 reasons we think every fun-loving Nigerian youth should watch The Shade Corner series.

1 – The Truth and Nothing but the Truth
We are tired of tongue-in-cheek shows that are lowkey hyping celebrities and products. It’ll be nice to watch people express how they really feel without Nigerians suspecting if these are actual opinions or “paid” opinions. Not everytime marketing, sometimes tell the gaddem truth.

2 – Inside Scoop
In some sort of way, the five personalities chosen by Accelerate TV to host the show are “budding celebrities” – if there’s anything like that. What this means is that we might get inside scoop of what happens behind-the-scenes. Hopefully, they won’t let us down.

3 – Laughtainment
Nigeria is hard enough already. We don’t want another bout of serious news that will get our blood pressures rising. Some humour would do just fine.
We’re looking forward to watching Akah, Makida, Bayo, Camille and Noble slay. We can’t wait to see which of them will win our hearts with originality, wits and some good dose of sly naughtiness.

Watch the trailer below.



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