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#234StyleInspo: Catch The Christmas Bug With These Style Inspirations

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 23, 2019


‘Tis the season and what better way to key into it that through your outfits. Oh, yes detty December is in full effect but there is no reason why you should be going to all these events looking like you have for the whole year. Time to spice it up with some Christmas cheer and we are here to give you the goodies. 


From trendy, haute couture looks to fashionable street style, we’ve curated them all. Enjoy: 

  • A Touch of Red: You know it is the color of the season but you definitely have no business looking like Santa on these streets. Combining red shoes/heels or purse with a detailed blazer dress is all the touch of red you need. 
  • Floral and Green: Asides Red, Green is the other color of the season. A floral green dress like this one from WildKulture could be perfect for a nice, no gbe body e evening out during this season. 
  • Two Red One Green: Get you a two-piece red outfit, throw in some nice sneakers and a green bag and you are ready to slay in comfort!
  • A Touch of Green: Slide into a red blazer dress, get you a small, cute red bag or purse and round off your look with a pair of green pumps and you will steal the show wherever the turn up is!

  • Chill and classy: If you want to look cool as hell but you still want to be comfortable, this is your look. Combine a red turtleneck with black pants and black sneakers/boots. Now add a green brooch or scarf and steal the show!

Dressing for Christmas doesn’t have to be boring. You can explore the Christmas theme in many ways and just have fun with it. Tell us your own style inspiration for Christmas in the comments section!

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