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234StarSpotlight: 5 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Nigerian Superwoman, Toyin Lawani

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at September 14, 2018


Today’s 234Star spotlight is on Toyin Lawani because we’ve all come to the agreement that she is a super woman that doesn’t wear a cape. As a successful serial entrepreneur, there are a million and one lessons to learn from her, but for the purpose of this article, we’re focusing on 5.

1.Be enthusiastically industrious: Toyin was born into a rich family in Ekiti state. Her father held an important political post and her late mother ran her own textile business in the US while she also sold gold, cars and had a salon. I say this to say that Toyin could have just sat back and been another “rich kid”. She can afford to. But no, she chose to go out and hustle for her own.  She has earned for herself everything she has now. The best part is how enthusiastic she is about whatever she puts her hands on.

2. Do everything within your power by spreading your wings: Having a fashion empire was not enough for her, the Lagos based creative multi-millionaire started her own beauty salon, glow products, dance studio, photo studio, styling fashion academy and even has her own reality show. It’s good to focus on one aspect of trade but it is even better when you can be a jack of all trade. Toyin is proof that to succeed in the business field, you have to know something about everything because the more you do, the better chances to make better income.

3. Be a committed goal getter: You can’t score a goal by imagining your ball in the goal post. You have to kick the ball into it. Kicking the ball once does not guarantee you scoring that goal but you have to keep kicking until it gets in the goal post. Toyin didn’t wake up one day to have all she has now, she overworked for them. To succeed in whatever you’re doing, you have to give it your all. Having that mindset makes nothing impossible to do. Don’t be surprised when you hear that she has started her own country.

4. Be so good, people can’t help but respect you: Agreed! Not everybody likes Toyin as a person. In fact a lot of people do not like her but you can’t argue the fact that even her haters highly respect her hustle. You don’t believe that? Well, let her 6 fan pages on Instagram explain it to you. I mean, the 36 year old is a fashion mogul, celebrity stylist, beauty expert and a super mother to a beautiful son. Who won’t admire that? Asides those, she is one of the most creative stylists out of Nigeria.

5. Love what you do: Yes, a lot of us work for the money but if the money wasn’t a factor, would you still be happy with your job? It’s not hard to see that Toyin obviously loves what she does. She loves to put her creativity to good use and does it with so much infectious happiness and energy.

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