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#234StarHelpline: I’m Madly In Love With A Married Man

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at November 22, 2018


Hello 234Star,

I feel so bad writing this, but I need help, I’m in love with a married man.

I met this man some months ago at a party I attended with my friends, he spent lavishly on us that night and afterwards we kept in touch.

We began dating and he always spends on me without me asking and he sends me, money every weekend.

I never knew my relationship with him will get so serious until I realized that I was madly in love with him, I had no problem with it, he is 32 while I am 24.

We spend most of our weekends together and he promised to take me on a trip to Dubai for my birthday in January, everything with him is perfect and I felt he is my God sent man which I’ve been looking for.

Last week, I came to his office to visit him as I used to and his wife showed up, I was shocked to see her and there was a very bad drama, I never knew he was married, this woman gave me the insult and beating of my life, I felt very bad, I never wished to date a married man, it’s not something I planned to do, there is nothing this woman didn’t say to me, claiming that I’m trying to snatch him from her and making him not give enough attention to her and her kids.

I got very angry but later got calm when he sent me money that night and a text apologising for the drama that happened.

Now I know he is a married man, I am really confused on what to do, I’m not the type that goes about dating married men, but this just happened and I love him, I’ve not felt this type of love in a long time, he said that he wants to divorce his wife because she doesn’t make him as happy as I do and I am not ready to let go and be single again especially when he has made so many promises for my birthday.

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