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#234Picks: 5 Movies You Should Watch This Weekend

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at November 28, 2019


Some weekends, you go all out for that owambe that you have been planning and on other weekends you just stay home and watch movies all day. Or Netflix and chill with bae. Either way, if you have any movie needs this weekend, this is for you.

I’ve curated a list of five movies you absolutely need to check out this weekend if you don’t have other plans. Check them out:

The Irishman: If you love mob movies, this is a must watch. Even if you don’t like such movies you should check this movie out just on the strength of the performance of the actors in the movie. From Al Pacino to Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, all the actors delivered stellar performances.

American Son: This drama will keep you wondering what is going to happen next? As usual, Kerry Washington is fantastic and the arc of the story is awesome. You should definitely check it out!

Otherhood: This comedy drama featuring three mothers who are struggling with their sons “abandoning” them, as well as their own personal challenges as women and wives (or ex-wives). It’s not deep or anything but its a fun movie to watch, especially considering how African mothers are. You’ll definitely be able to relate.

Dolemite Is My Name: Eddie Murphy’s first big movie in quite some time will remind you why the man is a legend. Based on a true story, the movie depicts the life of a struggling comedian who later finds a way to fulfill his lifelong dream: making an action comedy movie featuring black leads. Stellar performances and a great story, 10/10 recommend.

Rene Russo and Jake Gyllenhaal appear in Velvet Buzzsaw by Dan Gilroy, an official selection of the Premieres program at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Claudette Barius.

Velvet Buzzsaw: This one is for fans of horror movies. Featuring a stellar performance from Jake Gyllenhall, the movie follows the story of an art curator who finds himself entangled in a mess of stolen art and possessed paintings. Definitely a good one to scare bae with.

Watch this space for weekly updates on the latest and greatest movies you should see. If you have any movie suggestions, let us know in the comments below! The only condition is that they must be good.

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