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#234Guides: 5 Christmas Decor Ideas to Spice Up Your Home This Season

Follow @eventlabgh < Each year comes with its own feeling at Christmas time and there is no reason for your...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 24, 2019


Each year comes with its own feeling at Christmas time and there is no reason for your home decorations to carry over from last year. The same lights and tree you have been putting up for the past three years need a break. It is time to spice up your home and we have come to your rescue. 

We’ve curated a list of five Christmas decor ideas to get your crib looking great for the season. Check them out: 


  • Understated Glitz: White christmas tree with loads of glitter, rose gold ornaments and heavy flocking is what you need to take your tree from ordinary to expensive without too much of a hassle. 


  • Stairs can get some: Give your staircase a little more pizzaz with a flocked garland weaved with warm string lights and white roses. Oh, what a white, beautiful christmas it’s become. 


  • Pretty in pink: The days of traditional pine and glitzy decor are behind us. Get in the vibe with this merry monochrome stunner by Martha Stewart for that ultimate holiday refresh. 


  • Neutral works: You can use variety of finishes like gold, mercury glass, and champagne to create a chic and elegant look. This type of decor aesthetic keeps your space soft and inviting, while still creating a festive atmosphere.


  • Christmas in your kitchen: You can give your kitchen some christmas cheer too – just replace your fine china with a festive litter of dishware. Now every meal has a touch of the season in it!

Get your house popping with these ideas and let the holidays resonate throughout your home. Share pictures of your holiday decor attempts on social media too – we’d love to see them. Happy holidays!

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