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2131 presents ‘Guess Who’s Getting Married’

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 5, 2019


Vibrant youth oriented events and media company, 2131 is set to present an evening of fun blind dates and competition dubbed ‘Guess Who’s Getting Married’ on August 27 at the poolside of Marcel Desailly’s Wizzy Sports Complex, East Legon. According to 2131, social networking is about to be taken to higher heights as every single guest of this event will be paired with the opposite sex.

The night will slowly start off with a special Hens Night and Bachelor’s Party. Keeping the guys separated from the ladies for about an hour will fill the atmosphere with suspense as both sexes wait in anticipation to hook up with their dream partners. The evening continues with a cocktail as the guests are now allowed to find their matching numbers which would be pinned on guests. The dates will get to know about their partners – all about him or her, negatives and positives – all in just 1 hour.

The exciting part of the blind dates is that, if the dates cannot find any connection with their partners, they can head to the swapping table for a swap-of-partner. But wait!! It’s not that simple, just like in real life the couples need counseling right? The partners will have to book a session with the counselor, and seek for divorce. If they are given the go ahead then with a permission slip,  they can now head to the swapping table and pay a divorce fee of Ghc5.00 before swapping partners.

The exciting competition to see who finally gets married on that night sets in as 8 lucky couples will be called at random to battle it out. There will be 3 tough challenges to choice the one lucky couple. Who walks away with the 18 carat gold ring?

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