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15 Incredibly Sexy Nigerian Men You Should Be Following On Instagram

Follow @eventlabgh < We all love attractive men; The clean, good-looking ones. The breathtakingly, pant-droppingly gorgeous ones with the perfectly...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at August 3, 2018


We all love attractive men; The clean, good-looking ones. The breathtakingly, pant-droppingly gorgeous ones with the perfectly sculpted bodies and eyes that stare right into your soul. We might not always get them for ourselves but we can afford to ogle at the beauty of their masculinity and daydream, can’t we?

Thankfully, our Instagram timeline is lined up with a good number of them – sexy men who make scrolling down our timeline worth it, who we can bury ourselves in their IG feeds on the boring days at work and forget, even if momentarily, just how boring our life is.

And because we’re nice, we’re sharing with you our coveted list of 15 of these men (in no particular order), who also happen to be Nigerians. If you’re interested in spicing up your timeline (of course you should be!), then you should totally hit the follow button on their profiles. You can also shoot your shot and drop all the 👅💦 emojis you can afford, hopefully, you succeed where we’ve failed. 😭

Dozie Ezemma (@Dozie4J)

The first thing that attracts you to Dozie is his killer smile, then there’s also the fact that he’s religious – 100 yards of husband material, if you ask us! Dozie is a trainer, chemist, model and a YouTuber.

Keside Francis Anosike (@Kecyfa)

Keside is just as witty and charming as he’s hot! So whether you’re interested in reading his perfectly written stories which occasionally serve as his captions, or you’re interested in his washboard abs, you’d definitely enjoy following this fine specimen of a man.

Timi Akinniranye (@Swolefornoreason)

Beauty runs in Timi’s family so it’s little wonder he’s on this list. Brother to popular YouTuber, Kiitana, Timi owns UZO an organization that provides university staffing, and seems like a jolly good fellow.

Kehinde & Taiwo Akintola (_theatwins)


One of their Instagram captions read, “Genes so nice, had to make em twice”. These twin brothers are a double dose of chocolate goodness and if there’s anything better than one incredibly sexy man, it’s two!

Alan Eniang (

We are grateful for the few times Alan gives us pictures of himself, you would be too.

E. Elijah (@mrsavage.papi)

Talk about a tall healthy glass of dark chocolate goodness.

Chris Anyakorah (@Chris.ball35)

Chris is the personification of ‘tall, dark and handsome’. The clinical educator has one of the sexiest dimples you’ve ever seen and flashes it every chance he gets.

Valentine Ewudo (@Valewudo)

Valentine and his brother (up next) are exactly the type of nurses that will have you finding the silliest reason to visit the hospital every single day. Imagine those arms, those eyes… sigh.

Vincent Ewudo (@izunna)

Being a doctor never looked so good. This is the kind of guy your partner wouldn’t want to be your doctor.

Kelechi Kalu (@itskelechi)

If you’re looking for hot guys to follow and you’re also into well-arranged aesthetically balanced Instagram pages, Kelechi’s page is the one to follow.


There are a few things sexier than a guy who knows how to wear his suit, and Olumurewa does wear his perfectly well.

Mark Ezissi (@fitwitmark)

Mark is one of those people that you have no doubt that God spent an incredibly amount of time sculpting and moulding them. Boy, is he fine! This tall hunk will have you picturing the number of children you will have with him even if he doesn’t know who the heck you are.

Joshua (@Fitnessvwork)

Fitness Trainer Joshua has one those very sculpted bodies you would love to stay up all night tracing.

Cornelius Michaell (@Royalkennessy)

An absolute eye candy, this one!

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