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10 Signs You Should Dump Him Before Valentine’s Day

Follow @eventlabgh < Yay! Valentine’s day is around the corner! What other way can you spend the lovers’ day than...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at February 12, 2019


Yay! Valentine’s day is around the corner! What other way can you spend the lovers’ day than having a toxin-free day and life afterward, single or hooked?

Here are signs that dude is not good enough for you and should be dumped before Valentine’s day:

1. It’s just about sex

Sex is beautiful, creates a bond between you two and yada yada. That’s just what it’s all about and you call that a relationship? C’mon girl, seriously?! Anyone can play that role, you might as well just get yourself a call man.

If all he has to bring to the table is prick, dump him.

2. He checks other women out even when you are there

C’mon girl what are you sticking with him for? If he can check other women when you are there, what would happen when you are not? Even if all he does is check them out, it’s a red sign. All that needs to be checked out is you.

3. Complains about the way you look

This should have come first. I don’t know what it’s doing here as the third. Any dude that tells me how I need to add weight because I’m skinny or that my ass doesn’t wobble because it’s so small won’t be with me the next minute after he makes that statement.

Okay, that’s over the top I know but you get my drift yeah? If your body size, shape and look is anything less than perfect to him and he as much as tries to change you, if he makes you feel you are not good enough, he’s no good. Dump him!

4. He doesn’t spend time with you

If he isn’t spending time with you, who is he spending it with? If it isn’t a long distance relationship, if he doesn’t spend his time at work or somewhere that’s important but yet isn’t available when you need to spend time with him, what use is he? Dump him!

5. Your instincts tell you to

More often than not, your instincts are right. Find out why your instincts tell you to dump him. If there is something fishy, do it.

6. He is abusive

If he is rude, vulgar or violent, he deserves to be dumped on Valentine’s Day. Don’t try to put up with him, he may never change.

7. Your opinions always vary in major issues

If he thinks children are adorable and you don’t or your opinions vary in major issues, this could affect things later on. Dump him while you still can.

8. He cheats

If he cheats on you, dump him immediately. Cheating is unacceptable. The moment he did it, he annulled the relationship. If you can be faithful, why can’t he?

9. He keeps threatening to leave you

Show him who the boss is, dump him!

10. You are reading this in the first place

If he is the guy he should be, why are you even reading an article that tells you if you should dump him, in the first place? Are you having doubts? Are there somethings he should do that he doesn’t? Is there a part of you that still wants more? You deserve happiness and satisfaction. Anything less than that is not good enough and of course you can’t settle for less. DUMP HIM!

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