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10 reasons to tune into “Cosmopolitan Mix” on Joy FM

Follow @eventlabgh < Buckle up, listeners! Your favourite mid-morning show, Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy 99.7 FM, is about to take...

By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at July 30, 2019


Buckle up, listeners! Your favourite mid-morning show, Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy 99.7 FM, is about to take you on a crazy ride with its revamped segments.

Production team lead by Philip Nai is  introducing new interactive and exciting segments including beauty tips, celebrity co-hosting and many others.

Listeners on ‘A Piece of Your Mind’ are given the opportunity to share opinions on some of the intense conversations on social media and/or the news.

Also, listeners get to participate in a music trivia that wins them lots of prizes.


The show will be a mixed bag of music, entertainment news, lifestyle, health information, personality interviews and promotions.


  1. Celebrities Co-Hosting:This segment focuses largely on getting legends, veterans, politicians and many other personalities across the country to co-host the show. These are people listeners enjoy listening to, mostly because they are their role models and also learn a lot from their stories. This will happen every Friday.
  2. Lifestyle Cafe – This segment may not be new on the show but it has been improved to include interviews with lifestyle coaches. These coaches would introduce listeners to workout tips, exercises among others. It will also include interviews with chefs.


They would introduce listeners to faster ways of preparing healthy dishes, sharing new recipes and information on foods and their benefits. Listeners can contribute by asking questions via social media. Also Facebook Live would be available for people who do not only want to listen but watch the interactions.

  1. Style Tips – Are you behind on the latest fashion trends? Do you always have trouble choosing what to wear to occasions? No worries, Style Tips on the Cosmopolitan Mix will help resolve all your dilemmas when it comes to clothing and fashion trends. The show will host a stylist who would educate listeners on what outfit, cologne or shoes to wear where and when. This segment will run on Wednesdays.
  2. Beauty Tips – Not many people have the time or luxury to meet a cosmetologist. So the Cosmopolitan Mix is bringing one right to your doorstep. Cosmetologists will furnish listeners great skincare regiments/tips, endless beauty tips and rules to keep them looking fabulous. Secrets on how to style your hair perfectly, make-up tips and all other beauty. This segment will only be on Mondays.

5.Triple play that pays – The host gets to play three songs back to back on the show. Listeners would be asked to identify by quickly texting or calling in to win a prize.

  1. Live Studio Sessions – This is another old segment many listeners are familiar with. But in its resurrected status artistes invited to the show will not only be interviewed but also perform their songs live. Basically, listeners would get to experience a concert-like show from their favourite acts minus the crowd.  This show would run on Tuesdays from 10 am -12 pm.
  2. Piece Of Your Mind – This is a daily segment where listeners share their opinions on topical issues via text, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Know Your celebs in 60 seconds – In this segment, listeners are educated in short but interesting profiles and lifestyles of some celebrities, both national and international, within sixty seconds.
  4. Friday Live Band – This segment will feature bands on the show every Friday. Both well-known and underground bands will visit the studio to perform live. This will add some fragrance, and spice up the show on Fridays, making it different from the studio-recorded trend of music played on the show.
  5. Showbiz News –  Get all your hottest and juiciest news on celebrities in the entertainment world, both local and international. On controversial stories, calls would be made to deny or confirm the story and also give updates if available on the issue for discussion.

INSPIRATION: The show will end with some motivational quotes from the host.

Tune in to the Cosmopolitan mix every Monday to Friday on Joy 99.7 FM for a wonderful ride every mid-morning.

Source: Beenie Words

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