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10 life hacks you wish you’d known before 30. But it’s not too late

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Adulthood is often not the easiest phase of a person’s life. There are usually obstacles to overcome, especially as more people take on responsibilities in their 30s. While we might not be able to help you solve the big things, we can give you some life hacks to make things easier. See here some awesome life hacks curated just for you by 234star’s Simbiat Bakare.

If you live in Lagos, leave home at least one hour before: Lagos traffic can be very unpredictable. Sometimes, a journey of fifteen minutes can end up being one hour or more. It might be due to an oil spill or a roadblock, and sometimes there might be no reason at all. It is just Lasgidi traffic doing its thing. So if you are going for a meeting or even a date, whatever the event might be, always add one-hour to your transit time. In a place like Lagos, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Invest in a solar panel: Nigeria’s power supply is as unpredictable as Lagos traffic. You might be having consistent light for a week, and the next news would be that the national grid has collapsed. Don’t let NEPA, (or is it the distribution companies?) catch you unguarded. Invest in a solar panel and thank us later.

Emergency contacts: SARS disruption, ride-hailing drivers’ issues, motorcycles passing one-way, anything can happen while out the door that would make you have to contact your loved ones quickly. Sometimes, it might be a medical emergency or a legal-related one. Have the contacts of your loved ones available to you and know their phone numbers by heart. This way, you can contact them easily when needed.

Create a monthly budget: The standard of living in Lagos and many parts of Nigeria is at an all-time high. This is why it is crucial to learn how to live within your means since your 20s. Take advantage of fin-tech such as digital banks like ALAT by Wema that can help you track your spending and expenses so that you can stay within your budget. You can earn monthly, it is paramount to create a monthly budget.

Own a cooking skill: One of the easiest ways to save money and make a living within your means achievable is to spend less on fast food. Restaurant foods are usually expensive and sometimes unhygienic. Thus, making one’s food is not only safe but cost-productive. Eating is also vital to life sustainability, so you should know how to make at least five dishes to sustain your life. Learning to cook during one’s 20s, if not earlier, is a skill that would help a person throughout their lifetime.

Have a go-to cocktail: This is a life hack that will come in handy anytime you need a drink to relax. There are many cocktails that can be mixed within ten minutes. Learn any of those, make enough to store in your fridge, and serve anytime you need it. It will also make you a better host when you have guests.

Carve out a relax-time: It is easy to get drowned amidst adulthood responsibilities that a person would barely have time for themselves. This is why it is crucial to set a date and a time to relax. You can subscribe to platforms like Showmax to watch movies on the go. Showmax recently released The Real Housewife of Lagos, and it has been getting a lot of buzz on social media. Relax, enjoy, and take care of yourself by spending a weekend catching up with the show and many others.

Network: Creating a network of friends will aid your success in life. It is not only essential to network with leaders in your field; it is also necessary to build long-life relationships with your colleagues. They can refer you to opportunities or recommend you for work in global organisations.
Learn to wrap a present: People usually begin to get married, have children, host housewarming parties around their late 20s to 30s. During this period, there are usually a lot of gifts going around. Learning to wrap a present early in life will definitely come in handy those times.

Exercise: Most people who are fit in their later life are the ones that have developed the habit since their 20s! Whether it is enrolling in a fitness class or simply skipping around your compound, get into the habit of exercising. It will pay off later in life.

Now that we have fulfilled our promise and have given you ten life hacks, tell us, which of these do you intend to do more of?

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