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10 Best Female Action Movies to Watch On M-Net Movies’ In Celebration of Womens’ Month |

Follow @eventlabgh < In celebration of women’s month, M-Net is showing a collection of movies featuring badass women this March....

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at March 19, 2021


In celebration of women’s month, M-Net is showing a collection of movies featuring badass women this March.

On Friday, 19 March, fans of kickass women are in for the thrill of a lifetime. To help you get your M-Net Movies Pretty Deadly pop-channel experience off to an exciting start, M-Net Movies has compiled a list of ten of the best female action movies to watch from Friday evening to Sunday. These include female assassins seeking revenge, super-powered women saving a world in dire need of a saviour, and ordinary women overcoming bad guys.

Zoe Saldana

Colombiana on Friday, 19 March, at 5:10pm
Zoe Saldana packs a punch in this sly crime drama about a girl who turns into a stone-cold assassin to find and kill the man responsible for her parents’ murder.


Sasha Luss
Anna on Friday, 19 March, at 7pm
The creator of The Professional and Lucy, Luc Besson, delivers his brand of powerful, stylised action with deadly precision. Follows the chaos left by a lethal government assassin.

Margot Robbie
I, Tonya on Friday, 19 March, at 9pm
Margot Robbie gives a mind-blowing performance in this riveting true story that follows the life, trials, triumphs, and fall of competitive ice skater Tonya Harding.

Gina Carano
Haywire on Friday, 19 March, at 10:55pm
The director of Traffic leads tough MMA star Gina Carano in a tense thriller that follows a skilled female operative working to exact revenge on those who double-crossed her.

Jennifer Lawrence
The Hunger Games on Saturday, 20 March, at 10:15am
Based on the wildly popular young adult novels, Jennifer Lawrence stars as a fierce young woman who saves her sister by taking her place in a game of death.


Brie Larson
Captain Marvel on Saturday, 20 March, at 7pm
Oscar-winner Brie Larson makes a strong entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with this heroic origin story of Carol Danvers, a superhuman caught in the middle of a galactic war.


Halle Berry
Catwoman on Saturday, 20 March, at 9:05pm
Halle Berry demonstrates her talents in this fantasy film based on a comic book character. An ordinary woman inherits cat-like abilities and is quickly drawn into the criminal underworld.


Mila Jovovich
Resident Evil: Extinction on Saturday, 20 March, at 10:50pm
Mila Jovovich is back for another action-horror film which sees Alice join survivors of the zombie apocalypse as they fight their way through the Nevada desert in the hopes of reaching Alaska.


Charlize Theron
Snowman and the Huntsman on Sunday, 21 March, at 5:25pm
Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron are locked in a battle between good and evil as an evil queen seeks the life of a princess to remain immortal.

Angelina Jolie
Salt on Sunday, 21 March, at 7:30pm
In this gripping spy thriller, Oscar winner Angelina Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a woman who goes on the run and uses all her skills to stay one step ahead of the CIA after she is accused of being a Russian spy.

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