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VIDEO: Joy FM partners African Fashion Fund to send lucky designer to Paris

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at August 27, 2018


Joy FM, in partnership with African Fashion Fund, is scouting for one lucky Ghanaian designer to rub shoulders with renowned designers across the globe at the 2018 Paris Fashion Week.

The prospect, which is the first of its kind, sets the tone for creative Ghanaian designers to showcase their works for rewards that include participating in the ‘Change Now Summit’ and the Paris fashion week in Paris.

Chief Executive Officer of African Fashion Fund, Roberta Annan in an interaction with MzGee revealed she settled on Joy FM for the partnership because of the brand credibility.

“I believe in my authenticity of the brand and also we want the brand affiliation. We have been doing things outside Ghana, this is our first time doing this and so we wanted to be affiliated with an authentic brand like The Multimedia Group; Joy FM to be able to select and do it properly so it is a fair and equitable process”.

The award-winning business leader says African Fashion Fund, an organization that empowers Fashion Designers from Africa and its diaspora to succeed in the global fashion industry and market is in Ghana because of the many

“I think there’s great talent here. There’s so much talent here, we have vibrant colours and one thing I need to mention is that the African Fashion scene itself is also becoming big on the international scenes so you have a lot designer who is actually showcasing African designers and prints in their collections but we do not see our designers outside so we are giving the platform for our designers to showcase their works outside”.

The Change now summit is the largest positive Impact conference in the world and it is under the highest patronage of Emmanuel Macron, The president of the French Republic.

The Paris Fashion Week is a series of fashion presentations, held in Paris, France.

Interested persons must post a picture and a 45-second video with the hashtag, #TailoredAfrica2018 and #AfricanFashionFund on Facebook and Instagram.

Source: Beenie Words

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