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The Success Story of Arnold Elavanyo Mensah and Vibes In 5 as a Brand

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at May 20, 2018


It’s never an easy task to build a brand in Ghana’s showbiz space and so when one sets out to build a brand and becomes successful, then that person needs to be respected, recognised, encouraged and given the necessary accolades.


One huge personality within the entertainment industry who has been able to withstand all storms and has built a formidable brand that contributes it’s quota so far as showbiz is concerned is Arnold Elavanyo Mensah: the brain and powerhouse behind the foremost social media celeb talk show, Vibes In 5.


Vibes In 5 is a huge brand now but emphasis needs to be placed on the fact that the brand started off as a social media TV content that had interviews with top celebrities in the country with social media as its medium to make the interviews available to showbiz fanatics all over the world.


When Vibes In 5 began operations some four years back,social media wasn’t as huge and inflencial as it is now but all the same, Arnold Elavanyo Mensah  together with other personalities decided not to give up but to persevere to make the brand what it is today. As a matter of fact, finance was a main difficulty faced by Vibes In 5 coupled with the almost impossible breaking through of social media.


Not only did Vibes In 5 have financial hiccups and the difficult task of penetrating through social media; Arnold Elavanyo Mensah and his partners had to regularly convince celebrities in the country before they graced the Vibes In 5 platform because most of them didn’t believe in the brand as it was very new.

Arnold Elavanyo Mensah’s drive, determination to succeed, focus as well as the links he has really helped him to move Vibes In 5 to the high level it finds itself now. His presence on TV and Pluzz FM through Sammyflex also helped to move the brand higher. Without exaggerating, Vibes In 5 now gets bookings all over the country as well as other countries and as such, over the years the brand has been able to build a huge international following.


One distinctive and impressive feature about Vibes In 5 is the fact that it gives underground artistes the opportunity to be heard, seen and appreciated for the talent they possess.


Arnold Elavanyo Mensah’ s journey into the world of showbiz in Ghana started in 2012 when he served as an intern at TV Africa while he was schooling at National Film And Television Institute(NAFTI). He was the host of New Generation but later took over from Quophi Okyeame as the host of Soundz Splash. He later had on-the-job training as a TV Director, Presenter, Producer and an Editor.


At the time when he was making appearances on Pluzz FM as an entertainment analyst, he still worked at TV Africa and also managed the Vibes In 5 brand. He moved up the ladder at Pluzz FM as he sat in for Sammyflex on some occasions and soon,also became a panelist on Showbiz 927 on 3fm which he still does. He was also a panelist on Weekend Edition which aired on TV7.


Arnold Elavanyo Mensah was also a regular panelist on Atinka TV’s Entertainment City and E-Spot on GTV.


As a matter of fact, Arnold Elavanyo Mensah is a great interviewer and has a fascinating way of getting information from anyone he interviews with ease. He has emceed so many shows and some are Tinny’s Homowo Festival Show held at LA in 2014,Ebony’s Album Launch in 2017 as well as another Homowo Mega show inside Palladium in 2014.


He is currently a pivotal member of the News Review Team of Zylofon 102.1fm’s Showbiz Agenda hosted by Sammyflex and also the host of Zylofon Studio on Zylofon TV. He also works as a Production Manager for Kwaw Ansah ‘s Film Africa which is a film production company. He has the ambition of being recognised as a great interviewer in Africa as well as a Radio and Television Personality.


He is not married but very soon, the wedding bells would ring.He is a gem and that icon you need to associate with so far as showbiz is concerned .He is that cool dude with that infectious smile and that hilarious laughter …..Bra u zi me!

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