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The Rise & Fall of Artistes – Spotlight on KEMENYA

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at September 4, 2018


“Midzo” was a historic hit single in 2011 which happened to be Dj Black’s favourite, wowed Ghanaians few weeks after release, whereas limited in existence was social media, as to how this hit song was made the one time hit makers Kemenya has all the answers to this question. I’m not sure a million dollars was budgeted for promotional activities neither was there a regional or continental tour it is just right to do if you have the means.

Talent alone is not a guarantee to a successful music career, every musician is entitled to pursue an embedded capability to ensure his/her growth, sometimes several good musicians are unable to seal through the industry because of the lack proper branding your attitude, appearance and uniqueness matters even more than your talent.

Hard work, perseverance, and dedication will also do you a favour even without a proper musical talent, this is not to conclude that the duo has no talent no!

The musical duo Kemenya has failed tremendous times to put out a record that would significantly sustains them after “midzo”, what is the cause; some thinks the repercussions for the practice of ‘juju’ is a cause but I differ from that path, no amount of black magic can refrain us from Gods will. Amen!!

Money Money Money is not just the solution to success but becomes a necessity for further promotional activities in our industry. Unfortunately, for one who has no legit financial strength other elements mentioned are the best to out bring you as a musician as Dada Ranks  outlines pro successful measures in a conversation, believe it or not the young entertainment critic has all points erected correctly.

As my observations matters the 2011 hit makers do not stand out as musicians regardless of their individual talents, they lack a proper branding competitively to the era where representing and identifying thy self matters, to be able to excel as a musician you need a solid brand, a strong fan base and musical inclined brains to help cement your grounds but ask if they did have one till date, I’ve heard of kontrol music acting as a current manager, pub records where talented Kemenya TV holds the position as the senior producer.

“Gbetor Menyo” has been beautifully produced of that arena and i wish them the best as they take notice of all points raised, undeniably Kemenya needs to work in accordance to project their image artistically to meet the aesthetic needs of music consumers.

To belt it down to the new ones, struggling upcoming musicians do not take notice of branding related issues but rather focuses on how to get executive producers with their jab or dis songs instead of crying out their needs to the investor by motivational song’s, addressing how happy they will be to associate with their brands, work work work alone without adding value to it will not win you contracts, ambassadorial roles and more you need to pay attention to your composition and writing skills for only that interests gigantic brands.

The best way to draw your attention to an investor could be foreign base or in the local diameter is to study the perimeter in which the operate, researches on about the successful touches they have made and yell out to this companies and individuals.

Research; Both established and upcoming musicians of our time do not have the insight of learning, fellow artists no your targets and boldly direct to them heart touching shots to them and your voice will be heard.

Source: Beenie Words

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