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The Fun And Glamour At The First Official Cyprus Industry Nite [Photos + Video]

Follow @eventlabgh < It was an evening of glamour, colour and fun in Cyprus on Friday, September 9, as the...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at September 22, 2016


It was an evening of glamour, colour and fun in Cyprus on Friday, September 9, as the Industry Nite was held to recognise and promote exceptional talents and creativity in the country’s Entertainment Industry.

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The event, which was organised by iLiteTV, an online TV channel broadcasting from Cyprus, in partnership with 360nobs, featured all the artistes living across the island country of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Host: MC SOS

Performance: KerryWayne | Heirnxt | Gsoul Ayomipo | Kevin Tita | MR Sama | D.E.T | Yung Tizzer

| Tbonez | D.J Activityz | Syko |

Music: D.J Delete | D.J Peter


The event was successful as an overwhelming crowd turned out to celebrate and appreciate the talents in the country’s industry.

The organisers, iLiteTV, also wishes to appreciate every firm that have supported the success of the event and as well indicated its unalloyed commitment to always promote the entertainment industry in Cyprus.

Here is the video Link CYPRUS INDUSTRYNITE 

See photos below:Cyprus-Industry-Nite-360nobs-iLiteTV IMG_2114

IMG_2067Cyprus-Industry-Nite-360nobs-iLiteTV IMG_2114IMG_2070IMG_2074Cyprus-Industry-Nite-360nobs-iLiteTV IMG_2081Cyprus-Industry-Nite-360nobs-iLiteTV IMG_2154Cyprus-Industry-Nite-360nobs-iLiteTV IMG_2089Cyprus-Industry-Nite-360nobs-iLiteTV IMG_2103Cyprus-Industry-Nite-360nobs-iLiteTV IMG_2108Cyprus-Industry-Nite-360nobs-iLiteTV IMG_2226Cyprus-Industry-Nite-360nobs-iLiteTV IMG_2291Cyprus-Industry-Nite-360nobs-iLiteTV IMG_2122Cyprus-Industry-Nite-360nobs-iLiteTV.png3Cyprus-Industry-Nite-360nobs-iLiteTV

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