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‘The Fall At AFRIMA Brought Out The Best In Me’-Seyi Shay

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at November 27, 2017


Seyi Shay talks about her fall while performing on stage at the All African Music Awards (AFRIMA) 2017 and how what was embarrassing at the moment eventually turned out be a blessing for her.

In an Interview with Punch, the singer said she blamed everyone for falling and she knew lots of people on social media would talk about it.

“Backstage, I was blaming everyone. I blamed my stylist, the designer, and my manager.  I even blamed the stage. But the truth is that what is meant to be will be. I think with every lesson, there is a blessing. I knew that when I got off the stage and opened my phone, there would be so much talk about my fall. Like I expected, by the time I got to my room, Instablog9ja already had 40,000 views.”

According to her, she’s not the first person such will happen to as other stars have also experienced it.

“You know everybody has a first time. Wizkid, Davido and even Beyonce have suffered similar fate in the past. She fell from the stage. Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez have fallen on stage as well. So, when you think about all these stars and their experiences, you will realize that you are not different from them and you are not immune to mistakes as well. I see my fall as a very humbling moment of my life.”

She further said after the show she went to the studio and wrote a song that was inspired by the fall.

“The title of my new song is The Fall, and it has to do with the AFRIMA’s experience. I plan to drop the song next month. Sometimes, when misfortune happens, you have to look at the positive side and all the opportunities in it to turn the misfortune into fortune. That’s what we are doing right now.”

Adding that, she realized lots of people were watching her so she had to pick herself up immediately.

“I guess the fall just brought out the best in me. It made me realise that I wasn’t invincible. Since I knew that it was a live show, watched by everyone across the globe, I couldn’t embarrass my country. I had no choice but to get up and finish the show. It was the dress I wore that caused the fall, but most people didn’t know that. I stepped on it and the material dragged me down. I will be 100 per cent careful when considering my costume going forward.”


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