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Ten Songs That Prove Sound Sultan Is A Conscious Musician

Follow @eventlabgh < Sound Sultan In a generation that has been criticized for “lacking impactful musical content”, Sound Sultan stands...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at October 8, 2018

Sound Sultan

In a generation that has been criticized for “lacking impactful musical content”, Sound Sultan stands tall among his peers. Blessed with several talents- he can rap, sing, write songs, produce, act, direct- he has always used his music to share conscious music with the audience. Today, his music remains powerful and instructive, especially in the political dispensation that Nigeria currently is.


Here are ten socially conscious songs that he has in his discography.



His 2000 debut single spoke of the need for unity among Nigerians. It was especially important as the country only recently returned to a democratic system of government.



If the masses ever wanted to sing of the insensitivity of the political class, this would be their anthem. The chorus says it all: when you no see to my situation, no dey pity my condition…



This is one of the tracks where Sound Sultan’s storytelling gift is best shown off. It tells the story of Nigeria since Independence until the recent civil rule, pointing out that the government “has come with their action film”.


Proud To Be African

In 2004 when Wyclef Jean first visited Nigeria, he sought out Sound Sultan, 2face and Faze for this quick collaboration. Although it was Wyclef’s celebration of his first visit to the motherland, Sound Sultan used his verse to plug in the country’s situation.


King Of My Country

His second collaboration with Wyclef, King of my Country is Sultan’s defiant tune to remain a king in the African content, as opposed to being a second-class immigrant elsewhere.



Power supply in Nigeria is a pipe dream. Sound Sultan saw this already many years ago when he mocked the government’s promise to have power supply for all Nigerians by 2010. Eight years later, it’s still a dream.


One day bush meat go catch the hunter… The unapologetic warning to the ruling class- one day the hunted citizens would turn around and revolt. In it, he also calls out the corrupt leaders for what they are- ole!


Animal Farm

Does this need an explanation? Maybe not. This was the first track where Sound Sultan compared Nigeria to a jungle- the same idea of his forthcoming show Junge Story. Are you surprised that “animal” is about the most common insult in the country? That’s what happens when law and order have broken down and everybody does as they choose.



This here is one the most emotional songs ever made in Nigeria. Perhaps it’s the words or the solemn guitar he played along, Area touched everyone that listened to it as Sound Sultan described the life of Nigerian immigrants abroad. His message, no matter where you go, don’t forget your fatherland.


Naija Jungle

His 2018 single that also talks about the unchanging Nigerian situation. Taking on an Afrobeat sound, he again exposes leaders and citizens who have turned the country into a full-blown jungle.


On Friday 12th October, Jungle Story 2018 will hold in Lagos. It’s a three-day concert/musical where Sound Sultan will tell the story of Nigeria with a full list of guest artistes. The show will hold on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are selling now on NETShop. Click here to buy now: SOUND SULTAN PRESENTS JUNGLE STORY- A MUSICAL.

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