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New Discovery: Dream Ferg, another seasoning artist from Tema

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at June 22, 2018


Born and raised in Assin Fosu but later moved to Tema at an infant age, Dream Ferg is one of the maturing talents who saw the rise of most Tema based acts like Sarkodie, R2Bees, Criss Waddle, Stay Jay, D-Cryme and the likes. This gave him the opportunity to hone his talent and decide the direction he was moving his music career choice. Before he gained the reputation of venturing into music as a profession, he was an avid listener of music and constantly rapping other artists songs. Along the line, his circle of friends who saw the hidden talent chained with burning desire pushed him to pen down his own lyrics instead of always rapping other people’s songs. At the age of 17, he started recording his own songs with the help of some few engineers who identified his music potential at that age. He took his passion for music to the next level when he decided to make a career out of it by tapping inspiration from the established acts mentioned above.

Prince Ferguson as his birth name, has copious things to achieve as an individual, for him not to forget, he chose the stage name Dream Ferg to always remind him of his aspirations, goals and ambitions to strive hard to make his efforts count. In the face of  the efflorescence distinction of established acts from Tema, which is threatening and enviable to most upcoming acts, Dream Ferg begs to differ. He sees their level of exposure and the name they have made for their-selves over the years as stepping stone to elevate and prove his self right as an artist who can equally hit the target and global market. Due to financial constrains, he has not had the best of studio production on the professional level but that has never killed his spirit. It rather sparked him to unleash the burning desire in him to keep up with the pace he is heading towards. He never neglected education either.

Initially he had the dream to be an electrical or network engineer but he could not escape his unconditional love for music. He was a student of Royal Techincal college where he studied electrical, further studying networking at IPMC. Later in the future, he might pursue any of the professions listed above but as it stands now its strictly music, no mix up precisely high-life, hip-pop and afro pop. He is the type who believes if there is a will, there is definitely a way. Subject lines to his songs are based on the life he has experienced, sum of every thought, every word spoken, every gesture and every effort he makes to reach the peak of his career.

According to him, he didn’t choose music, music chose him. Professionally, he has been doing music for the past 7 years. He has mounted on stages like Temafest, Quallofest among others. Meek Mill is his role model because he finds him to be an interesting artist who has stories to share through music which everyone can gravitate towards. Seeing the ongoing injustice, political imbalance, violence, high level of unemployment rate and other forms of social amenities drives to write relateable songs.One of his ultimate dreams is to rise above mediocrity, work hard, make money, create a legacy, make mother Ghana proud and prove to the entire globe civilization started in Africa. Another thing very dear to his heart is giving back to society.

He admits, writing lyrics is not as easy as people make it sound which is one of his major challenges nevertheless consistency is there to solve that challenge as practice makes perfect. He is ready to release his official debut single titled “Maapim” under his newly signed management, 2 Hash Music Records. The song talks about how guys date countless ladies, afterwards decide to settle with only one as his last stop. Dream Ferg wants to be known as an artist, talent developer, a coach and someone who puts in 110% of work into his craft even when there’s is nothing to give.

Nsaano Beats, Chapter Beats, Oracle Beats, Keena Beats, Kodak Beats, Fyness Beats are few of the producers he has worked with. Possi Gee, Kaywa and Kill Beatz are the producers he’s looking forward to work with anytime soon. Dream Ferg is a force to reckon with.

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