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Nesbeth goes ‘full hundred’ with debut Album, A.M.E.N

Follow @eventlabgh < After embarking on a 12-city tour of the U.S earlier this month to promote his debut album A.M.E.N,...

By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at October 30, 2018


After embarking on a 12-city tour of the U.S earlier this month to promote his debut album A.M.E.N, Reggae firebrand Nesbeth wrapped up his international sojourn over the weekend with a concert in Norfolk, Virginia and is now back on local soil for the launch of the album.

Vigorously promoting the 14-track anthology released on Friday, October 26 via all major digital platforms, the singer is going ‘full hundred’ in the local leg of his campaign with a pair of live performances at the popular hotspot ‘100’ located in Kingston and  Montego Bay respectively.

The concerts dubbed ‘Nesbeth and Friends’ is set for 8 pm on Tuesday, October 30 at the Megamart Plaza in Catherine Hall, Montego Bay and Wednesday, October 31 at 100 Hope Road in Kingston. Nesbeth intimated that despite the long wait for this album,  he hopes fans will be appreciative of the body of work which showcases his artistic diversity and maturation as an artiste since his emergence over a decade ago.

According to Nesbeth, “This album is the culmination of over a decade of experiences filled with trials and triumphs. The launch will provide a glimpse into some aspects of these life-changing exploits.” 

He continued, “All the years I have been doing music and the people I’ve met have helped to shape my perspective on life hence the reason why I always try to tackle real-life issues, social commentary and topical matters. However, I try to present these experiences in a clean and conscious manner that people from all ethnicities and spheres of life can appreciate without losing the true essence of that natural Reggae vibe.” 


Source: Beenie Words

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