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Music Video: DyDy – 2 Can

Follow @eventlabgh < Known to her followers as Bad Gyal DyDy, or just DyDy, Dyrana Mcintosh has built a name...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at August 3, 2017


Known to her followers as Bad Gyal DyDy, or just DyDy, Dyrana Mcintosh has built a name with her witty, expressive, and comically lewd videos on Instagram, where she comments on topics ranging from relationships to personal hygiene. An advocate for women with her “Fi Di Pum Pum” movement, her fledgling music career has allowed her to bridge the gap between Insta fame to actually becoming an artist. But, as she told us, “the aim has always been music. That was the whole point of making videos, to build a fan base for music.”

DyDy, who we recently featured in our Top 10 list of female Caribbean artists on the rise, now has a certified hit on her hands with “2 Can,” and Mhmmm, the video for the single is finally here. It is directed by Megaboi, and features cameos from U.S.-based Afrobeats artist Gabzy (a member of One Nation Records, to which Dy Dy is newly signed), who plays Dy Dy’s boyfriend; and David Francis, better known for his comedic videos on Instagram under the handle @Prnc_Charming, as the guy she is messing around with.

Shot in New York by Super director Megaboi, the video starts with Dy Dy in bed checking a message on her man’s phone, which appears to be from another woman. She then confronts him and an argument ensues, during which Dy Dy tells him “2 Can play that game, and anyting you do, mi can do ten times better…”

The song is an expression of Dy Dy’s own personal experience: “I got my heart broken. I explained it to my producer, Trackstarr, and the song came about.” It plays up the theme of romantic disloyalty, termed by Jamaicans as “bun fi bun,” with lyrics like “two can play that game… You bun me, me a bun you back.”

In the video, we see both her and her boyfriend being disloyal to each other, with her guy entertaining another girl, while she consequently sneaks around with Prnc Charming. She is the same fun, sexy and confident Dy Dy that we love from Instagram, and her creativity and humorous personality translate effortlessly in this video. Her authentic self shines through: She even has a pineapple with a wig posing as her – a known symbol for her “Fi Di Pum Pum” movement. You saw it here first, peeps… “2 Can” by Dy Dy.

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