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Meet Johnnie Hughes: The Exceptional Events Host

Follow @eventlabgh < Throughout the history of his media career, the Bonafide Genius has set many significant records to make...

By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at April 11, 2018


Throughout the history of his media career, the Bonafide Genius has set many significant records to make the Johnnie Hughes brand intensely synonymous with positive results! He has chosen to rise through the mill on to the grand stage, surmounting one hurdle at a time and gaining rich experience in the process.

Call him a man of many parts and the architect of many firsts, and you will be so right in your judgement. His fluent and lucid speech and an even sharper brain, makes his work easier behind the microphone and infront of the camera.

Want proof? Read on:

In 2008, he led-sang and captained the BIB band to actively compete in Ghana’s first live band reality show on TV3. This was the first time he ever performed publicly as a musical novice and became the toast of the contest. After a rigorous audition that featured 52 bands and the full 14-week season with twelve talented groups, his squad won the ‘Most Exciting Band’ Award and the second runner up spot at the grand finale. ‘Pipiiipi’, ‘Elegantus’ and Louis Armstrong’s ‘What a wonderful World’ were some of the hits that shot him to fame.

His first chance to see the insides of a real television studio was occasioned by his mentor, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD), who put him on the spot to host a 2-hour live Valentine Special on Ghana’s state broadcaster; GTV, in 2009. No prior rehearsal, no prior knowledge, just super performance on national television under intense pressure! He would later become the first and only host of the popular ‘GoodLife Show’ on then Viasat 1 TV.

His talent and passion led him to the erstwhile Pravda Radio (now vision 1 fm), in 2011. His quest was to understudy and earn his place behind the console later as a jazz, soul and blues presenter. But destiny smiled on him quicker than he had imagined when the owners of the station made him a morning show host instead. This was the first time he ever sat behind a radio console as host and the ‘captain’ of the morning!

Undoubtedly, Ghana’s Most Beautiful, comes to mind in beauty pageantry when culture and tradition is in perspective. The reality show has stood the test of time and stayed on top for a whole decade with Gideon Aryeequaye as host. But in the 11th year in 2017, it saw a new kid on the block in the saddle. Expectations and doubts were high as to whether Johnnie Hughes could brace the storm and maintain the standard. Well, the positive reviews says he did a great job and may keep the slot forever. His trick? He didn’t step into Gideon’s giant shoes. He brought his own pair to the party!

In 2015 when he joined 3fm 92.7 as one of her founding presenters, he had a choice to decide what niche he wanted to carve for himself on the new radio station. Community rights advocacy was top on his list, hence Community Connect. As the programme’s first and only host, he and his team have helped to bring respite to both young and old. Little wonder that his first ever RTP Awards nomination earned him the Radio Development Host of the Year at the RTP2017 festival.

And if you are a fan of TV3 NewDay, you would have noticed the sharp presenter who doesn’t fail to give his viewers a standing ovation throughout the 3-hour show. That’s a first! What’s more, he caps it all with brilliant analysis on topical issues and a dance that leaves a lasting impression on new and regular viewers of the multiple award-wining show!

Johnnie Hughes stars in Ghana’s most talked about telenovella as McCarthy Gibson. That’s his first appearance in any such TV productions. It’s still unbelievable.

So, as Ghana Music’s biggest night approaches on April 14, most people are sure to see a lot of glitz and glam at the VGMA. But, will Johnnie Hughes make another bold statement at his first red carpet gig, by owning the moment and making the best of the opportunity? Find out at the Accra International Conference Center this saturday, when the crimson-hued carpet comes alive!


In the run up to the 19th VGMA,  the bonafide genius has been hosting the festival’s diaries, featuring nominees, showbiz pundits and special guests. And with just 6 episodes gone it feels as if he has been maning that post since forever!


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