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Juvenile Reform Foundation

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 11, 2017


Juvenile Reform Foundation (J.R.F)-Ghana distributed items worth GH¢7000 to released inmates from the various juvenile correctional centers and their families across the country, over the festive period. This act forms part of the foundation’s reintegration program for juvenile offenders in Ghana.

The released young offenders could not hide their joy when the NGO gifted their families with hampers containing bags of rice, tins of Milo and milk, cooking oil, tubers of yam, varieties of non-alcoholic beverages, biscuits and other gifts.

JRF-Ghana is an independent, non-governmental organization that is concerned with tackling and further stemming juvenile crime and violence in Ghana. The organization works to prevent juvenile delinquency and rehabilitate juvenile offenders who are already in conflict with the law.

Mr. Geoffrey Chaucer Ofori, the founder of JRF-Ghana, indicated that the gesture forms part of the organization’s specialized support services for young offenders, with the aim of increasing the likelihood of positive reintegration back into the community. He further stated that JRF-Ghana will continue to support the education, vocational and technical training of young offenders both inside and outside correctional facilities.

He advised that society should desist from calling young offenders names such as “rascal, bad boy, criminal” but rather embrace and love them as they go through the process of change. “It is my responsibility and your responsibility to make sure that they grow to become responsible adults”.

JRF-Ghana intends to visit religious organizations, schools and communities to educate the youth on delinquency and its consequences whilst working to promote the well-being of vulnerable children in the society.

J.R.F-Ghana, through its art based rehabilitation programs have been working closely with the Senior Correctional Center, Accra and other facilities to equip juvenile offenders with the necessary tools to aid their success when they join the mainstream society, with the barest rate of recidivism.

It is JRF-Ghana’s goal to raise responsible leaders from the juvenile correctional centers and also protect children who may be at risk of entering the criminal justice system.

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