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“I Want To Grow Old With Him & Die Beside Him” – Annie Idibia’s Heartfelt Midnight Prayer ❤️❤️❤️

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Theirs is perhaps the sweetest love story ever told and if Annie Idibia has her way it will go on forever.

The actress took to Instagram a few minutes ago to gush about her undying love for her husband, 2face Idibia whilst offering an emotional and heartfelt prayer to God to keep them until they are gray and frail.

Sharing this picture which shows a  lonely and forlorn looking old man looking out of a window he used to share with his late lover, Annie wrote:  

“I stared at this image for atleast 15mins or even more… and realised I was tearing up??

The picture made me feel all “types of ways” And the love in my heart towards Innocent just tripled instantly.. I know we will grow old n die someday,but God please I want spend all my days with him ,grow old with him and die beside to him.. I can’t Live if I have to do that without him.. I won’t survive it! Life Without Him won’t be worth it again.. Sad that When we grow old n grey ,1 of us will go before the other,but please can we at least grow very old together and GO together.. All of our kids would have been all grown,graduates and well established by your grace lord.. so they will be fine..when we go. Amen. #Annie’sMidnightTots”

You gotta love their love. ❤️❤️


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