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‘I Have Only Been With Four Guys!’ – Amber Rose

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at September 25, 2018


Amber Rose has spoken up about her Slut Walk in an interview with

The 36 year old stripper-turn-activist discussed a lot of things ranging from her very first Slut Walk parade, to what consent means to her and how she handles negative comment.


On Her Sexual History

I have only been with four guys! Or 12 or 17… I just think it’s funny because nobody knows my sexual history. You can assume that if I’m out with a guy or if I’m in a picture with a guy that we’ve had sex? That’s cool, but you don’t know. You just assume. And for you to assume, you just slut-shamed me on top of assumption, which has no merit.

On whether Slut Shaming would end.

Do I ever think it’s going to be abolished? Hopefully! I can only wish, pray and hope for that. I hope when my son becomes older, he can look back and say: “Wow, they were allowed to say that thing about women in music? That’s crazy,” or “Mom, gay people couldn’t get married when you were young? That’s insane.” I can hope for a world like that when my son gets older. But I feel like we’re moving forward in the right direction right now. For sure.

On Consent

It doesn’t matter what we have on, it’s still not an excuse to come and touch me inappropriately or assume I want to f*ck you because I don’t. Unless I say “yes, I want to have sex with you,” then I don’t want to have sex with you. My whole thing is everyone needs to mind their business and let women choose to do what they want with their bodies. If I want to show my ass on Instagram, I’m allowed to do that because it’s my ass and it’s my Instagram. So yes, there will be trolls. But a lot of girls get the shitty end of the stick when guys post themselves oiled up with their shirts off constantly and everyone’s like “Wow, he looks amazing,” but if I take my shirt off, I’m a hoe.

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