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How To Forget Your Ex After A Break Up

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Going through a break up is hard, which is why you need to remove your ex from your life by cleaning up. There’s nothing more awful than having to look around your house and finding pieces of your ex all over. Little reminders of what was and what would have been. It makes it very hard to move on and get over the hurt and pain.

We value your sanity and want to help you heal. We want you to gradually redefine yourself and move past the hurt and disappointment to the future and what it has in store for you.

On that note, here’s how to remove your ex from your life after a break up.

1. Accept the empty feeling

That moment when you realize you’ve been dumped by the love of your life feels like death. The key is to allow yourself to embrace the grief if you ever want to move past it. Breaking up is very similar to a death because it is in fact the death of a relationship. For at least a couple of days, remember the good times and allow yourself to cry like mad.

2. Cut off all contact for real

No texts, emails or social media messages because you need time and distance to get emotional clarity. When you just break up with someone, your emotions are all over the place you will likely miss them desperately and overlook all the reasons why the breakup happened in the first place just to have them there with you again.

3. Be brutally honest with yourself

The only effective way to challenge your thoughts is with brutal honesty. To process the breakup more quickly, be brutally honest about why it occurred. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you’re compatible or that you have a future together. Chances are, this breakup happened for a good reason, and if it didn’t happen now, it would have happened down the line.

4. Do you!

Use the breakup as an opportunity to strike out on your own in the world, and you can discover new hobbies and interests that can make you feel better and more confident about yourself.

5. Get back out there

Go out and have a good time even if you’re not ready. Take a trip to do something entirely new. Go to new places and meet new people. Have fun. Be happy that you’re alive and free. You will have good days and bad, but take each day and know it will get better as time goes by. Just don’t wind up in another undesirable relationship to replace the old. Give yourself the time you need to heal.

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