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GOtv highlights: WAGS Miami, Antara and more!!!

Follow @eventlabgh < Here is what to expect on GOtv from 30th November – 4th December : ZEE WORLD Antara (weekdays...

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Here is what to expect on GOtv from 30th November – 4th December :


Antara (weekdays at 4pm)

Dr Vikram tells Aditya that Antara is a high-functioning autistic child and can be helped, but that kind of help is expensive. Aditya finds out that Vidya has a history with Dr. Vikram. Vidya finally tells Aditya that she is pregnant. After receiving an advance from his boss, he is told something that leaves him scared. Mrs Gupta tells Aarti that she knows of someone who can treat Antara.

Young Dreams (weekdays at 5pm)

Gunjan sees and overhears that Mayank is leaving the house and tries to stop him, will she succeed? The love between Gunjan and Mayank starts to get stronger and stronger, only problem is, Charu is getting in their way. Mayank explains to Gunjan why he accepted Charu’s marriage proposal.

Twist of Fate (weeknights at 6pm)

Pragya and Abhi arrive at their destination and find Tanu there with the intention of spending time with Abhi. Tanu and Abhi’s affair is short lived as they receive an unexpected visitor that gets in the way of their plans. Tanu realises that his efforts to separate Abhi and Pragya seem to bringing them together.

King of Hearts (weeknights at 7pm)

After searching Baweja’s house for Sam, the family realises that it will be difficult to find her. Roshni puts her life in a compromising situation to save Sam’s life. Roshni finds Sam in Baweja’s house but her success is short-lived. Will they be able to save Samaira from Baweja’s ill plans? Samaira finds a way to escape from Baweja’s house. Will her plan succeed?

Sands of Time (weeknights at 8pm)

Shekhar has a difficult time interviewing Nethra, a film actress. Savitri gets upset seeing Rukmani and Jia make up. Shekhar interviews Nethra again and ends up spending time with her over lunch and dinner. Savitri puts doubt in Jia’s mind about Shekhar interviewing an actress. Jia’s pregnancy news is out in the open and Shekhar leaves for Mumbai immediately. Avitri can’t stand to see the attention Jia is getting and tries to cause trouble as always.

E! Entertainment


Catching Kelce: NFL superstar Travis Kelce gets serious in the dating game, as he dates 50 women from across America in the hopes of finding his long-term ‘teammate’. Travis takes the girls on a yacht to relax and let loose, but things get serious when he reveals that one of them will be going home. Which girl is it? Only Kelce can decide. Watch Catching Kelce, Wednesday at 6 pm.

WAGS Miami: All hell breaks loose on a trip to Croatia when the tension between the girls comes to a head. Watch WAGS Miami, Thursday 1st December at 7 pm

Hollywood & Football: We follow four Rams players and their families when the team returns home to LA after being in St Louis for 21 years. Catch the premiere of Hollywood & Football, Friday 2nd December at 6 pm.



Hotel Majestic: Hotel Majestic is a beautiful, small hotel managed by the Emeni family since the colonial era. Currently business is slow and the family has failed to maintain the hotel. Watch Hotel Majestic, weekdays at 6 pm.

Losers Take It All: An aging writer experiencing a mental block, steals the work of a younger writer who has written a masterpiece. Starring Gabriel Afolayan and Wale Ojo, Losers Take It All airs Friday 2nd December at 8:30 pm.



Third Person: This deeply emotional drama for the director of Crash follows three couples who appear to have nothing related, but are all experiencing love, betrayal and children lost and found. Third Person shows on Thursday 1st December at 7:55 pm.

My Dad’s A Soccer Mom: AN entertaining film for the whole family. When an NFL player is dropped from his team he gets the chance to bond with his daughter and encourages her to play soccer. Showing on Friday 2nd December at 12:10 pm.

A Good Man: There’s no keeping Steven Seagal down in this non-stop action film about a former special-ops soldier who’s dragged out of obscurity and into an all-out war between rival gangs. Watch A Good Man on Friday 2nd December at 8:20 pm.

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