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Get familiar with DJ Lotto, Bisa KDei’s personal Disc Jockey

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at September 20, 2018


There are many people who engineer lots of activities behind the camera in showbiz. DJs, publicists, bloggers, A&R, road managers and promoters make up such people. But I want to throw more light on DJs because that’s the article’s focal point.

Contemporary high lifer Bisa K’dei is sure-enough one of the most sort after high life artist in Ghana. He has toured most parts of Africa, Europe, America and other parts of the world because of his trending value effect. Guess what? For the past 5 years Bisa has consistently been rolling out with one fashion inclined young man who doubles up as his personal DJ. He’s by name DJ Lotto but known in real life as Rodney Lartey.

In as much as we mostly center our attention on only the headlining characters, we should try and balance it up by taking into consideration those blazing up the fire in the public figure we so hold in high esteem. Here’s a little background information about DJ Lotto, he deserves this accolade because he has virtually added up to the success of Bisa.

Obviously, one would wonder why the name DJ Lotto? According to him, the name DJ Lotto actually came up when he was in high school. His friends used to call him Kwame Lotto. Which actually popularized him back in school simply because the name “Lotto” sounded funny whenever people heard it but they found joy in calling him by it. Therefore he decided to authenticate it by placing value on it and projecting it. His adrenaline rush for djing started back in senior high school (Tema Methodist Senior High).

DJ Lotto established his working bond with Bisa since 2005 but became very active after senior high school. If there’s a will, there’s always a way. Lotto’s determination, dedication, passion, creativity and love for djing triggered rapper Medikal to introduce him to Bisa and the vibe went on from there. A classical definition of support your own. Big up Medikal for the networking.

Speaking with, Lotto admitted it feels great working with the man. Hammering on the fact that he’s one honest cum transparent person Ghana, Africa and the world should really accept, support and hold in high esteem. Actively, they’ve been working for 5 years.

The high life crowd holder’s personality, style, delivery and creativity makes him superior over other DJs. Based on his working experience over the years, he has come to the conclusion that highlife music is doing extremely doing great locally and globally. It’s an accepted genre our forefathers have been able to make a mark with in music book of history. Adding that people love our instruments, style, vocals and our composition therefore Ghanaians need to put in a little more push by selling it to the world! He has toured couple of countries, thus Liberia, Equatorial Guinea,Togo, Benin, Cote Devoire, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Norway and other parts of Europe. He will be in Canada, October.

Currently they are on highlife KONNECT nationwide tour. They’ll even spread their wings more next year by lacing up with world tour. Finally he is starting “SHOTS ON FRIDAYS” weekly annual event at the “BJ Sports Bar” on the 21 September 2018.

Speaking on artist and DJ relationship, he thinks it’s based on how loyal both parties are to each other and good communication plays a key role. To add more flesh to how people gravitate towards high life music it’s always crazy when Bisa steps on stage. Affirming that there was onetime his laptop fell because the crowd was mad aggressive.

Connect with him on:
IG: djlottobillz
Facebook: Dj Lotto
Twitter: djlottobillzgh
Snapchat: Djlottobillz

Written by: John Claude Tamakloe

Source: Beenie Words

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