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DEPRESSION! A Silent Killer, Artistes Watch Out – Paul Mensah Anku writes

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at October 2, 2018


Radio & TV Host Paul Mensah Anku has shared his thoughts on the effects of depression especially among creative people like musicians.

The Global FM & Volta 1 TV host further disclosed that he also suffered depression in the past. Here’s what he posted on facebook.

“Well, I’ve had my fair share of depression & In my opinion, people have various ways of dealing with depression. Bare in mind that society doesn’t really care, so people suffering depression are left to deal with it all alone! Some people take to Smoking(like in Pappy Kojo’s situation), others take to Drinking, Flirting,Compulsive Hoarding,Hunger Strike,etc

(This stage is even worse bcoz this is where society begins to judge even more, they go like; _ah, why is that guy drinking,smoking,flirting like that, he’s soo stupid, he can’t for once do the “right” thing… The societal abuse goes on)

NB; Let’s learn to reach out to people suffering depression, monitor them closely & help them with some words of encouragement, it’s vital


Popular Publicist Jonilar also added his voice to the issue and here’s what he posted on his facebook timeline.

“Pappy Kojo revealed he suffered depression after the 2016 VGMAs trolls. Yes, he is ok now but let’s not take it for granted.

 Depression is so real and can happen to anybody out there – I know what I’m talking about. In most cases you can’t share because  nobody really care and don’t even want to know what it is. You just have to keep up with a smiling face meanwhile your spirit is sick and weak.

Let me just pause there and humbly urge record labels, managements to be there for their artistes emotionally. Let’s psych them to know things like this will surely come their way so they also know how to face them. Reinforcement is very important, let’s do it together. Let’s be there for each other. In extreme cases, you can block,temporarily go off social media or  give your account to a trusted social media expert or publicist to handle for you. Some of these accounts are not even real, they are set up by some haters just to kill you slowly.




Rapper Pappy Kojo has disclosed that he suffered depression in the past. According to him, he was depressed and needed time off for himself to get well before he could come out.

The rapper said his depression was borne out of trolls on social media after he failed to win one of his several nominations earned at the 2016 VGMA.

Speaking in an interview on the ‘Delay Show’, with host Deloris Frimpong Manso, the rapper also disclosed that he smoked a lot because he was depressed.

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