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Dating An Online Fraudster Might Just Have Its Advantages*

Follow @eventlabgh < Unless you’re living under a rock you’re completely aware of the ongoing Twitter debate about online fraudsters...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 14, 2018


Unless you’re living under a rock you’re completely aware of the ongoing Twitter debate about online fraudsters or more often called the endearing phrase “yahoo boys” or “G boys”.

One side – and there are many sides of this debate – have justified the actions of these online fraudsters as being part of the league of modern day Robin Hoods. They say that really if they the poor people who have been defrauded by the politicians gain from dating or befriending online fraudsters well…

Many of us might not necessarily agree with this sentiment, there are many who have become direct and indirect beneficiaries of this booming defrauding web. There are siblings whose big brother is in the city and does something vaguely termed as ‘business’, responsible for paying everyone’s school fees. There’s the uncle who really is just a cousin but has been bolstered up by his reputation for solving family problems no matter how big with a couple of stacks that involve rubber bands and naira notes.

We might want to wave that all away and say well look, family is family, blood is thicker than internet cables or old white women’s pension but you can’t wave away other instances. Like your friend who always calls you to turn up at a Quilox on a Saturday night with a bill that is worth four years of house rent while your Uber ride waits the entire night until you’re all ready to go home.

Or like your boyfriend who is depressed and irritable until one day you come back from work and he tells you that a ‘deal has clicked’ or ‘the container has finally arrived’ as an explanation for the giant sum he transferred to your bank account for the time being.

While many are looking to avoid having a ‘Yahoo guy’ as a partner and would prefer to swiftly avert disaster by running in the opposite direction to avoid them, there are some girls who seem not to mind.

Like this young lady over here boldly declaring her preference:

But you get my point, what is your poison is clearly another person’s glass of cold water. So we decided to give you the advantages of being in a relationship with an online fraudster.

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1. When it rains money, it really rains

Whatever your boyfriend has, is yours or so the saying goes I think. The point is, when the money comes in from whoever it is your beloved partner has milked of their savings you get to enjoy the spoils of war together.

But be warned, it won’t always be hit after hit, even online fraudsters sometimes have slow business days.

2. You’ll be the envy of all your friends

There’s nothing that makes you the envy of all your friends like dating a ‘yahoo boy’ because he’ll be flashy, spend lavishly and always financially handle your needs.

At a time where most girls are resorting to older men to have as sugar daddies well, it’s the lesser evil of the two and the less apparent of the two. By this I mean it’s much easier to see that indeed this 60 year-old man is not you ‘uncle’ than it is to know that the young man you’re with sits by his laptop all night.

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3. You can’t fall victim to a trade you’re a part of

Most online fraudsters operate in different countries and indeed continents but lately there seems to be a rise in Nigerians falling victim to these scams. Why? Because the online fraudsters have begun to tap into a market that had previously been off limits if they were to remain the Robin Hood of the hood.

Now it isn’t uncommon to find BVN scams or identity theft victims who are Nigerians but if you”re dating an online fraudster it’s more likely you’ll have an idea of how it works which will make it much easier for you to not fall victim.

4. It won’t last long and that works just fine

Your relationship with an online fraudster most likely will not last long as they are known to have more than enough women to pick from, but that might not be such a bad thing.

While it’s fun for a while having an endless stream of money supplied to you and lots of fun nights out, it really isn’t a lifestyle you’ll want to live for long. He also won’t be someone you’d want to knowingly marry or build a future with.

So luckily, it’ll be one relationship you won’t be sad when it finishes running its course. Like Big Sean said in Blessings, “I’m here for a good time not a long time”.

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