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“Criticism is not Hatred” – Jerome Bigx

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at August 13, 2018


“The trouble with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.”
– Norman Vincent Peale

I come from a part of the world that talent isnt scarce and creative heads are bountiful . In the Volta Region of Ghana, Music has been on the rise for the past Five (5)  years .
With the successful hosting of the Maiden Volta Music Awards One would have nothing negative to say than to congratulate the whole Industry (If there’s such ) In the Region .
Now let us water down the issue about Artistes flaring up with Industry players ,when they get criticised for releasing sub- standard works .
As a critique , I’ve been on various platforms and in  Places doing Gods work for Self and country , Which has shaped alot of talents .
But In my own homeland , You are a “dream killer”  if u dare criticise an Artiste  , But my question is , Do we all have to jump on the Bandwagon of praise and Hypocrisy ?

What happened to thinking outside the box In my region , what happened to wanting a near perfect artistry ? I guess it’s a story for the Gods !

Been back home for 10 months now ,Doing my bit with the Global Fm Drive team ( The 3horsemen)  We try to project Music in the Region by premiering new Music from Local Artistes ,But guess what ?
It seems we have  been creating more enemies for the good works we think we are doing to propel Music in the Region.
I wonder how an industry will grow without criticisms , Sometimes I get down spirited and want to stop doing the needful ,but a tiny voice keeps saying ” keep doing you Jerome Bigx”

Now some of the Artistes and Producers in the Region are doing fairly  well, but i believe strongly that alot of them need to up their game and polish thier crafts ,most of them also  need to get Educated in the Areas outlined below, When working on a song.

Lyrical content
Production quality
Promotion (right way to use social media, mainstream media, TV & Radio)

Untill the acts begin to undestand what we do , They will seize to value the efforts to have a Standard ” Volta Music Industry”
Nevertheless the future is bright ,there is light at the end of the tunnel , but who are the torch bearers ?

Submitted by Jerome Bigx

Source: Beenie Words

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